10 Low Maintenance Houseplants that Are Safe for Your Furry Friends

Make your indoors safer for your pets with these versatile options of pet-friendly plants.

By: MIKE POWELL | 01-06-2021 | 4 min read
Indoor Plants

Got a green thumb and a loving heart for pets? Then you probably know that there are quite some risky houseplants that can put your pet’s health in peril. But it does not mean that pets and plants are not mutually exclusive!   Finding pet-safe plants is the key to keeping a green and safe environment for you and your pets. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best plants that are safe for your furry friends, then keep scrolling. We rounded the best pet-friendly plants that will add texture and a pop of color to your décor. Plus, they are low-maintenance enough to make sure you keep them alive without much effort!  

10 of the Best Houseplants That Are Safe for Your Pets

If you're a pet and plant lover, this article is for you. Here are 10 low-maintenance houseplants that are perfect to have at home even around your pets.


House plants dog by Zen Chung on Thursd
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels


Spider Plant

Best grown in bright, indirect light, spider plants are pet-friendly, low-maintenance plants with air-purifying properties! If you have a problem with keeping plants alive, then this is the best choice for you.


Spider plant pet safe plant on Thursd
Image Credits Unsplash


Bamboo Palm

Another air-purifying plant that made it to our list is the bamboo palm. This is a popular houseplant that grows relatively quickly indoors. Just water the palm with room-temperature filtered water until the soil is moist.


10 Low Maintenance Houseplants that Are Safe for Your Furry Friends Bamboo palm on Thursd
Image credits Mr. Waffles Neighborhood

African Violet

If you’re into low-maintenance yet lovely blooms, choose an African violet. This beautiful plant produces pink and purple hues, which make it a great centerpiece! It grows without bright light and stays only up to 12 inches tall. 


African Violet by Corina Bianca on Thursd
Photo by Corina Bianca Alb on Unsplash

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is a relatively popular houseplant that reminds you of the jungle and the wildlife hopping through the ferns. Turn your house into a tiny jungle for your pet with this plant because it is 100% pet-friendly.


10 Low Maintenance Houseplants that Are Safe for Your Furry Friends Boston Fern
Image courtesy The Green Touch

Friendship Plant

The Pilea involucrata is named as such because they are effortless to propagate. Plus, it is animal-friendly too! Friendship plants are overall easy to maintain and grow, although they have unique needs that make them challenging to grow in some climates.


10 Low Maintenance Houseplants that Are Safe for Your Furry Friends friendship plant on Thursd
Image courtesy Friends or Friends

Air Plant

If you have a curious dog who loves to munch on pretty much anything aside from their dog food, an air plant will make an excellent plant choice. It doesn’t require soil to grow but only needs indirect light and water once a week.


10 Low Maintenance Houseplants that Are Safe for Your Furry Friends air plant on Thursd
Image courtesy The Zen Succulent

Lipstick Plant

Quirky and easy to maintain, the lipstick plant is a creative addition to your houseplants. Safe for both cats and dogs, this plant best thrives in bright light and appreciates the warmth outside during the summer season.


10 Low Maintenance Houseplants that Are Safe for Your Furry Friends Lipstick plant on Thursd
Image courtesy by Brittany Goldwyn

Ponytail Palm

This fascinating option for a houseplant is actually a succulent that happens to resemble a palm due to its long, thin leaves and thick trunk. If you’re looking for pet-friendly, accent plants that look like miniature trees, then the ponytail palm is the ideal plant.


Ponytail Palm safe plant for pets on Thursd
Image courtesy of Lifehacker


Parlor Palm

Another small tree option would be the parlor palm. This low-maintenance is a great starter plant for beginners. It thrives best in bright, indirect light and can grow up to eight feet when well-maintained.


Parlor Palm is a low maintenance plant that is safe for dogs on Thursd
Image courtesy by The Sill


Polka Dot Plant

Add a burst of color and pattern to your miniature garden or living room with a polka dot plant (Hypoestes Phyllostachys)! Available in colors white or pink, this pet-friendly plant can grow up to three feet tall when given adequate TLC.


Polka Dot Plant on Thursd
Image courtesy The City Wild



These versatile options of pet-friendly plants will surely help you make your indoors safer for your pets. However, just because these plants are safe automatically means they won’t cause gut problems, potentially being risky to pets with sensitive stomachs. Still, do your best to keep your plants away from your pets without compromising on your house's interior design!

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