The Rare Houseplant Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers

Monstera obliqua is one of the rarest monstera varieties out there and it's an expensive challenge only the most passionate plant parents attempt.

By: THURSD. | 20-03-2022 | 4 min read

This one is for the true, hardcore Monstera lovers and avid plant parents only! Monstera Obliqua is one of the rarest - and most demanding - monstera varieties out there and it's an expensive challenge only the most passionate plant parents attempt. If you're absolutely serious about getting one of these stunning houseplants, here are a few things you want to know about the Monstera Obliqua. 

The Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Hardcore Fans

Are you dreaming of having a Monstera Obliqua to add to your plant collection? Then maybe first you'll need to understand how to take care of it. Every plant has its own style of growing and care requirements, so we'll be looking at what the Monstera Obliqua needs to thrive. Keep reading to find out more. 


The Monstera Obliqua - on Thursd.



The Monstera Genus

The genus Monstera is made up of about 48 flowering plant species. The Latin word 'Monstera', which means ‘abnormal', inspired these tropical American indigenous names. The name Monstera originated from the Latin word 'monstrum', which means uncommon or unusual. Of the Monstera Obliqua, there are many different sub-species, like the Monstera Obliqua Peru, Monstera Obliqua cf Pangui, Monstera Obliqua Amazonas, and Monstera Obliqua Bolivia.

1) Monstera Obliqua Peru

The type most people think of by naming Monstera Obliqua is the ‘Peru’. Or Monstera Obliqua Peruviana. This is the one with heavy fenestration; it is the only one that is popular in cultivation due to its holes.

The Monstera Obliqua Peru has a special appearance with its large holes in the leaves. Much lesser known than the larger Monstera Deliciosa, but also an asset to your urban jungle in a modest format. It is a green climbing plant that grows to only a few meters in height. This refers to the bulk of the members’ characteristic pierced leaves.


The Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers Houseplant



Monstera Obliqua inhabits an ephemeral, meaning fast-changing habitat, often at sea level, and installs itself among roots on the lower section of larger trees. It reaches maturity even on small trees as it is not a big climber. Its smallish size has the advantage that it can make use of a substrate that is not available to other plants. Furthermore, it is epiphytic, meaning that it can grow on top of other plants and takes in moisture and nutrients from the air, debris, rain, and also water.


The Difference Between Monstera Obliqua and Monstera Adansonii

You may find a plant labeled as Monstera Obliqua in garden centers, but you can be assured that you’re actually looking at an Adansonii. How to tell the difference: While Adansonii leaves are quite fenestrated, Obliqua leaves are extremely fenestrated to the point that there is more hole than leaves. In fact, up to 90% of a mature Monstera Obliqua Peru leaf is empty space!


The Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers Tropical Plant

Image via Etsy


Monstera Obliqua Peru and Adansonii are remarkably similar for the first few years of growth leading to them often being mistaken one for the other. The differences only become apparent as the plants mature and Monstera Adansonii develops thick leathery leaves in contrast to the slender, paper-thin leaves of Monstera Obliqua.

How to Take Care of This Houseplant

The Monstera Obliqua prefers bright, natural light. It's best to avoid direct sunlight as this will scorch the delicate, thin leaves. In their native Central and South American habitat, the Obliqua is used to humidity levels up to 90% and a dense jungle canopy to shelter them from strong direct sunlight. 



The Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers Care Tips



This plant loves moisture and, as already mentioned, a bucket load of humidity. A greenhouse or warm conservatory is a good way to replicate its needed environment. Alternatively, this plant can also be placed in a warm and bright room with high humidity levels such as a kitchen or a bathroom. You will also need to keep your monstera away from radiators and drafty doors and windows. 



The Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers Tropical Plant




The Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers Houseplant



2) Monstera Obliqua cf Pangui

Another Obliqua is the cf Pangiu. Pangui is a town in Ecuador. This is a monstera that is a form of Obliqua (cf='compare to') that originated in the area of Pangui. A very rare houseplant.


Monstera obliqua cf pangui - on Thursd

This Monstera Obliqua cf Pangui sells in nodes for almost $90 on etsy.


3) Monstera Obliqua Amazonas

The Monstera Obliqua Amazonas has got larger leaves than most of the Obliqua species and the foliage is hanging down like an Anthurium (but with holes). 


Monstera Obliqua Amazonas - on Thursd

Monstera Obliqua Amazonas. Picture by


4) Monstera Obliqua Bolivia

The Monstera Obliqua Bolivia fenestrates minimally and not often (Peru is the main one with big holes).


Monstera Obliqua Bolivia - on Thursd

Picture by


Keep in Humid Conditions

To replicate the heavy rainfall and intense heat of the rain forest environment a Monstera Obliqua should be watered thoroughly, kept in humid conditions, and then allowed for the soil to become just slightly damp before watering again. Your Monstera Obliqua may take a few weeks to settle and will need time to adapt to a new, slightly larger environment. The stress of being disrupted will subside and your plant should bounce back before too long when new growth should begin again.



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