15 Small Meaningful Plant Tattoos for Plant Lovers

Time to get your paradise flower or tiny Yggdrasil inked on your skin.

By: MIRANDA SCOTT | 06-04-2024 | 7 min read
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Small tattoos are a great way of impregnating something meaningful on your skin, and best of all,  they're usually much cheaper than their larger counterparts. Here are a few small tattoo ideas containing plants you will love if you're into the whole flora topic.

Small Tattoos Are So Cute They’ll Make You Want to Get Inked

Tattoos have become a wonder in our world and of course, have become very popular among art and curiosity lovers that want to try something "different" and unique in their lives. The best choice? Getting a small tattoo because they are both cuter and in case you don't want it in a near future, they're a lot easier to cover up. But let's focus on the important part: how cute small tattoos are, especially if they involve plants.


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What’s the Hype of Small Plant Tattoos All About?

Plants and small tattoos are the utter blueprints for perfection. Imagine having your favorite, meaningful plant tattooed on your favorite body part, and having the chance to glance at the beauty of the plant forever. Plants are perfectly suited for small tattoo ideas. In this article, we’ll talk about 15 small meaningful tattoos involving plants that can be covered or shown at a whim.


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1. Small Tattoo of a Red Rose

Getting a small tattoo involving a red rose is arguably one of the most popular small tattoo ideas of all time. Even Dropkick Murphys have a song titled after it, and many people who want a small, simple inkwork usually go with this option. It’s popular mainly because it’s among the most gorgeous of flowers, and it can be creatively decorated in a myriad of ways.


Small Red Rose meaningful tattoos on Thursd
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2. Tiny Yggdrasil

The tree of life is both beautiful and symbolic, making this one of the small meaningful tattoos everyone would want to have. Although this small tattoo idea passed through various recreations, its most basic form is fairly easy to put on a smaller skin canvas. If you’re into Nordic mythology and spirituality more than you’re into fashion and trendy aesthetics, this may be a perfect choice.


15 Small Plant Tattoo Ideas That Can Be Covered (Or Shown) at a Whim on Thursd
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3. Halloween-Inspired Pumpkin Head Small Tattoo

Although the idea of a Halloween pumpkin head tattoo is almost as popular as the rose tattoo, it leaves so much room for creative elements for which ink masters will probably never run dry.


Pumpkin Head Small tattoos on Thursd
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Despite the fact that the history of pumpkin head carvings is a bit grim, its traditions slowly evolved over time and have appropriated healthier, to some degree even joyous elements, especially with the modern-day trick-or-treating customs. A cute, spookylicious small tattoo idea that works perfectly!

4. Orchid Head Tattoos

The exotic outlook of orchids is normally associated with sexuality and fertility. They’re also a symbol of beauty, love, and strength, and some ancient cultures believed that when fathers eat orchid tubers, newborn babies would be boys. When drawn by a great ink professional, this is a great small tattoo idea both meaningful and beautiful.


Delicate and small orchid tattoo ideas on Thursd
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If you need some extra inspo for your next tattoo, take a look at these floral ones. Read the article 'Inked Flowers - The Best Black Flower Tattoos' to plan your next ink design.

5. Nightshade Flowers

These are not to be confused with nightshade eggplants. The deadly nightshade flowers do not look as sinister as they sound. They are, however, among the most toxic and deadliest plants in the entire Eastern Hemisphere, which should be more than enough of an inspiration to have a small one inked on your shoulder.


Small tattoo ideas featuring nightshade flower on Thursd
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They resemble violet flowers before their flowers sprout, after which they can be perceived as intimidating, to say the very least. Given that their aesthetics change as they grow, you’ll have dozens of concept options at your disposal.

6. Small Tattoo Idea of a Palm Tree on an Island

The iconic picture of a single palm tree adorning a deserted island feels nostalgic to so many people for no particular reason. Its sight evokes soothing, calming emotions in everyone except the people who were stranded on a desert island. Traditionally, palm trees represent rejuvenation and victory, converting them into a very good small tattoo idea.


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7. The Forbidden Apple

Although the concept of the forbidden apple tattoo was used by thousands over the decades, there are numerous possibilities to take it in a brand-new, unique direction, aka a great small tattoo idea. Whether it’s a tiny hand holding the apple, a half-chewed piece, or a snake skulking around it, there are so many creative ideas that can enrich this popular design.


Forbidden apple small tattoo on Thursd
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8. Sunflower Meaningful Small Tattoo

Talking about small meaningful tattoos, the sunflower usually symbolizes fertility, and its square shape makes it easily recognizable among countless flowers and plants. It’s an excellent small tattoo idea, as it can’t help but spread good vibes and feelings. Sunshine and pure happiness!


Small meaningful tattoos of sunflowers on Thursd
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9. Poison Ivy Small Plant Tattoo

Whether it’s the beautiful anti-hero from the Batman franchise or the rash-inducing Asian flower, Poison Ivies have been an inspiration for thousands of witty tattoo concepts. Both vines and leaves of this plant are fairly easy to ink, and there aren’t too many details to worry about when inking a smaller canvas.


Small poison ivy tattoos on Thursd
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10. Four-Leaf Clover

Worldwide known and accepted as a symbol of good luck and fortune, the four-leaf clover is said to offer protection against evil and bad luck. Although many ascribe these superstitions to myths, quite a few people actually believe that this little flower is lucky. This is surely an amazing small plant tattoo idea to attract the luck you've been yearning for!


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11. Small Narcissus Tattoo

One of the most famous flowers in the world, Narcissus, takes its root back in ancient Greek mythology. Namely, the beautiful Narcissus was enamored by his reflection in spring waters, which ultimately led to his demise. To some, a Narcissus small tattoo is a symbol of self-love while others simply love how the flower looks.


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12. Paradise Flower

The peculiar geometry of the paradise flower combined with uniquely colored leaves makes it a unique tattoo choice for those looking for small tattoo ideas containing plants and flowers. When looked at from afar, paradise flowers appear as flamboyant birds, which is also true for small tattoos with this aesthetic. This tattoo will give any space of your body a very delicate and colorful look.


The best and most meaningful small tattoo ideas with plants on Thursd
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13. Desert Cactus

Summer lovers typically adore summer-themed tattoos, and aside from palm trees, desert cactuses signify one’s connection to the seas, beach parties, and good vibes. This is one of the most popular small meaningful tattoos out there. Whether it’s in a pot or sprouting from the desert sands, cactus tattoos are gorgeous and offer plenty of room for creative additions and tweaks.


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14. Small Tattoos of Four-Season Leaves

A tattoo that depicts a single leaf going through the four seasons may be tricky to execute, but it’s much more creative than drawing regular flowers or plants on the chest or back. Small plant tattoos work fabulously for people that want to be reminded of how special and important nature is. If you're a nature lover at heart, these small tattoo ideas may be the best way to go.


Four season leaves small tattoo ideas on Thursd
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15. A Seedling

Acting as a symbol of hope and endurance, seedlings are the perfect small-tattoo idea, and you'll also have a beautiful plant inked forever on your body. Seedling small tattoos are popularly inked at the center of the chest, legs, and wrists, although they would look great wherever they are tattooed.


Seedlings are a great option for small meaningful tattoos on Thursd
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Small Tattoos Are the Way to Go

Small tattoos are completely worth the time, money, and result. For your next small tattoo idea, don't rush into any idea and actually give it a thought because remember, they are forever impregnated on your skin. Although if you want to make your small tattoos even better, obviously adding flowers and plants is the way to go.

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