Allowing the Art to Flow through Me

I find a source of inspiration that touches me, draws me in and awards me the opportunity to create unapologetically

By: JENNY THOMASSON | 16-12-2020 | 2 min read
Let me tell you how my mind often works when I'm designing. A peek behind the scenes (my brain).

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The Process

It all begins with my transitional element. This causes a reaction, inspiration, vibration, vision, a path is set. Pomegranate = Transition   Jenny Thomasson - Blog on Thursd (4)   Looking closely you can gather the textures, colors, pattern, line, separation, rhythm. These all helped to play a part in the creation of this design. Smoothness = Seeds and Container Baubles = Roses, and Rocks     Jenny Thomasson - Blog on Thursd (2)     Color = Red / Orange Amaryllis and Dark Red Roses Texture = Condensed Floral Placement Pattern = Negative Space with Guiding Lines   Jenny Thomasson - Blog on Thursd (1)  


  This is a technique that I use fairly often when conceptualizing designs. I find a source of inspiration that touches me, draws me in, and awards me the opportunity to create unapologetically. This concept is something that I am very passionate about. Creating for the sole purpose of just being present in the moment and taking the time to dive into my artistic mind. Whether it is for 5 minutes or all day when the time allows when the moment strikes or even if a material inspires me. I have found that through this process I am unlocking secrets and honing my own personal design aesthetic by just allowing the art to flow through me.    

Some Other Interesting Things to Think About...

Meaning of the Pomegranate- Abundance, a symbol of the resurrection and the hope of eternal life. Meaning of the Amaryllis- Symbolizes strength and determination, self-confident and very beautiful women.   Jenny Thomasson - Blog on Thursd (3)  
Perishable Poetics: Manifesting Emotion through Contemporary Floral Design - 
by Jenny Thomasson
In an invitation to expand and liberate your creative voice in floral design, I try to generously unfold the artistic process that has made me who I am today. The delicacy, intensity, and cyclical temporality of flowers mirror our deepest emotions—making them a potent source of inspiration and innovation. In over 200 lustrous color photos, I share how I use emotion to push the boundaries of contemporary floral design. Infused with hand-drawn conceptual sketches and notes, and incorporating a wide breadth of techniques, forms, and materials, this warmly personal guide offers an intimate insight into the evolution of a professional floral arrangement. Perishable Poetics is a beautifully photographed artwork as well as a radiant, invaluable creative resource for those who work in, are inspired by, or are finding their voice in floral design.   Jenny Thomasson - Perishable Poetics - Allowing the art to flow through me Blog on Thursd
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