Aymeric Chaouche Wins Junior Championship Floral Design in Belgium

Competitions challenge many floral designers, and make them step up. Inspiration, skills, and new techniques are always present at championships, and that is very exciting.

By: AN THEUNYNCK | 15-06-2022 | 2 min read
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Aymeric Chaouche Wins Junior Championship Floral Design in Belgium  -  on Thursd

At a beautiful location, the Handelsbeurs in the heart of the city of Antwerp, the Royal Union of Florists of Belgium organized the Junior Championship Flower Arranging on 3 June. No less than 7 candidates took part in this exciting competition. The prize: taking part in the European Junior Championships in Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, in August 2023. Aymeric Chaouche (Atelier Sören Van Laer – Bornem) won the gold medal! 

Quote Aymeric Chaouche - on Thursd


Aymeric Chaouche Wins Junior Championship


Floristics is a real profession! Knowledge of the right flowers, the appropriate techniques, a sense of color, the right proportions, and aesthetics are very important.
Aymeric is a young French florist. He obtained the diploma of master binder in Lyon, France. Because Belgium is known for flower arrangements and he has great admiration for Belgian master florists such as Moniek Vanden Berghe, GeertPattyn, and Stefan Van Berlo ... he decided to work as a freelance florist in Belgium. Since 2021, Aymeric has had a flourishing flower shop in the center of Bornem together with Sören Van Laer (himself also Champion of Belgium).


Aymeric Chaouche at Junior Championship Belgium - on Thursd



“I've been working towards this for a long time. Finally this dream has become reality. Competitions push your limits. It's fantastic to show your creativity to the world.”



Competitions Challenge Aymeric

Aymeric likes to participate in competitions. Competitions challenge him and ensure that he keeps learning something new and that he can push his limits. He himself already took part in the Skills – a European program that puts professions in the spotlight and supports professional competencies. He now also supervises young florists in this program.
Aymeric finds a source of inspiration in nature. He lets his creativity loose on natural materials and he plays with color combinations and shapes. But also a passion for art and beauty contributes to his creativity!


Junior Championship Belgium with Winner Aymeric Chaouche - on Thursd

Q.: What does competition mean for everyday life?

“The competition is an incentive to continue to be there every day with creativity for our customers. It takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to get to know and experiment with new plants, flowers and materials. This can only benefit our customers. I would also like to thank a number of growers such as Ansu (Vanda orchids) and Corn Bak (special Bromeliads) and of course also our regular wholesaler Agora in Kontich for their support. They are indispensable links in our creative process!”


First 3 at Junior Championship Belgium - on Thursd

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