A Recap From Florint's European Florist Championship in Katowice Poland

This Europa Cup 2022 was a wonderful event, inspired by music, dance and flowers. It was a triumph of perseverance.

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A Recap From Florint European Florist Championship header on Thursd

Florint’s Europa Cup 2022 hosted by SFP, The Polish Flower Association, was a success. For three sunny days, the city of Katowice was the ‘World Capital of Floral Art’! This European Championship turned the lively Polish city into the place to be for flower lovers, as Hanneke Frankema from the Netherlands claimed first prize in the famous floristry championship.

A Recap From European Florist Championship - Europa Cup 2022

The Europa Cup traditionally brought an enormous group of gifted floral arrangers together. Sixteen flag-waving master florists proudly represented their countries in the European Floristry Championship 2022. They competed throughout six music-inspired arrangement challenges, which included a table design, a hand-tied bouquet, a floral body decoration for a dancer, and a thematic installation: “Dance in the Rain”.


First 3 Tasks at Florint's Europa Cup 2022 in Katowice From Hanneke Frankema on Thursd
Three designs by Hanneke Frankema


Meanwhile, on the main stage, other first-class florists delighted the public with stellar flower shows. On Professional’s Day (August 26) the Latin-American floristry education collective EIAF performed, as did Floral Fundamentals and two leading Polish stars: Zygmunt Sieradzan and Tomasz Max Kuczynski.


EIAF With Gregor Lersch on Thursd
Latin-American Latin-American floristry education collective EIAF
Zygmunt Sieradzan and Tomasz Max Kuczynski for Floral Fundamentals on Thursd
Zygmunt Sieradzan and Tomasz Max Kuczynski


Later in the evening, renowned German master Klaus Wagener impressed the crowd with his spectacular main show, titled ‘Time Transition in Floristry’.

Europa Cup: 

"It was beautiful and unique! Our event would not have been successful without the support and great help of our wonderful volunteers. Thank you so much! Without your commitment, energy and smiles we would not have been able to do it. In a group strength!"


Floral Fun for the Whole Family

Saturday, August 27, catered more to the public rather than professionals. The entry hall presented an exhibition of flower arrangements from ‘4 sides of the world’, while Polish fashion models paraded around the venue in the most exquisite floral dresses.

Children were treated to fun floristry workshops and mini shows, and everyone marveled at the competitors putting their superb arrangements together in their booths. It was truly a privilege to see such artistry live!


Floral Fashion at Europa Cup 2022 on Thursd


Alongside this festival of flower art, florists could participate in business seminars by OZ Export, Centrum Florystyczne Rekpol, JMP Flowers, and Smithers–Oasis®. These are the four main sponsors that backed the Europa Cup 2022, through years of uncertainty, and helped make it a tremendous success. For that dedication, they deserve immense praise.  

Winners of the Europa Cup 2022

Six of the initial sixteen competitors made it to the finals, based on the scoring of their first five arrangements by the professional Florint-certified championship jury. These six finalists were Michael Liebrich (DE), Stefan van Berlo (BE), Gábor Nagy (HU), Hanneke Frankema (NL), Fabrizio Panone (IT) and Nicu Bocancea (RO).

During the evening Gala Award Ceremony, the finalists had to complete a last surprise vase arrangement live on stage – utilizing lots of bold tropical flowers, and all the inspiration they had left.

As the jury deliberated backstage, the guests were treated to dinner and a breathtaking choreography of music, acrobatics, ballet, and UV body paint by the art collective Wataha Drums. You really must see it to believe it!


UV Body Paint by Wataha Drums at Florint's Europa Cup 2022 Gala Dinner on Thursd
UV Body Paint by Art Color Ballet  
Photo by Nico Alsemgeest


Jury President Thomas Ratschker returned to the stage with the all-important ‘golden envelope’ and handed it to Björn Kroner, the Master of Ceremony. After keeping up the suspense for just a second or two longer, he and his female Polish colleague announced the final winners:


Winner Florint's European Championship Hanneke Frankema, 1st Runner Up Gabor Nagy, 2nd Runner Up Michael Liebrich on Thursd
The podium of Europa Cup 2022. From the left: Michael Liebrich, Hanneke Frankema, and Gábor Nagy


To view the complete final score sheet of the Europa Cup 2022, please click here.

Watch the Footage Online

A professional Livestream of all the stunning flower shows from Europa Cup was directly available online for a small fee, via These broadcasts will continue to be available for about another month. So, if you missed the event, this is your chance to enjoy all that floral artistry at a distance!

You can also view many more photos and videos from the Europa Cup 2022 on Facebook:


Roundtable at Florint's Europa Cup 2022 on Thursd


Why Florint Promotes Floral Craftsmanship

The floristry sector has a vast reservoir of artistic talent. At Florint, we believe this potential deserves a big, international stage. Because flowers, by nature, convey emotions and bring happiness to people. And professional florists capture that joy and wonder in their arrangement work. There is no better promotion for our industry.

Additionally, competition amongst friends stimulates innovation and knowledge exchange. This is equally vital. It is for those reasons that International Florist Organisation, together with its members and like-minded partners, organizes a monumental floral art championship every two years.

We hope the Europa Cup 2022, organized by Florint and the Polish Florist Association SFP, brought you joy –whether up close or at a distance! And we wholeheartedly thank everyone who helped make this championship possible.


Ahti Lyra Wearing a Flower Decoration at Florint's Europa Cup 2022 on Thursd
Ahti Lyra 



Upcoming Championships From Florint

Please join us in August 2023 to celebrate Eurofleurs 2023, our European Championship for Young Florists, at the historic Arboretum Volcji Potok park in Slovenia. It promises to be equally mesmerizing but will be in an amazing outdoor environment instead.

And don’t forget to save August 26-31 of 2025 in your agenda, when our Europa Cup championship returns – in the form of the spectacular Florint World Championship in Floral Art 2025 in The Hague!


Several Flags for European Floristry Championship on Thursd



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