Choosing Red Taccazi+ Roses Symbolizes Your Self-Love and Confidence

It doesn't mean you want all attention, it just means you want to be visible and adored.

By: ANNA LAMOT-BACH | 25-05-2022 | 2 min read
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Red Tacazzi Roses - Blog by Anna Lamot-Bach  -  on Thursd

When I first received Red Taccazi+ roses I conditioned them using Quick Deep @Floralife Oasis giving the flowers instant hydration. Those beautiful roses last five weeks!!! I was so impressed by the beauty and quality of this Dümmen Orange rose variety. Let's make a difference by using Red Tacazzi+ roses for my beautiful and confident model.


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Choosing Red Tacazzi+ Roses

The roses are amazing. No thorns! Strong stems! Endless arrangement possibilities ❤️. For me at least, it means a lot they are thornless. It's not that time-consuming to clean them and have them in water. And because the stems are not getting damaged while cleaning, there are fewer bacteria in the water. That results in long vase life. By choosing Red Tacazzi+ roses you won't have any regrets.


 Model wearing a headpiece with Red Tacazzi+ Roses in a blog by Anna Lamot-Bach - on Thursd


Red Tacazzi+ Roses Are Just Perfect For Any Occasion

On Valentine's Day, they represent Love. And Warmth, and Romance, and everything you want them to be...

But they can represent Love all year round with celebrations of birthdays, congratulations, love, and happiness. And they are gorgeous to do an inspirational photo shoot. That's what I decided to do when I saw the beauty of these Red Taccazi+ roses. 



What Does the Color Red Symbolize?

And what about wearing red? Wearing a red color does not say you want attention. It says you are not afraid of being seen. Red is confidence.

Red roses have captured the minds and hearts of lovers across the globe for generations. Giving a single stem or bunch of red roses is the perfect way to say, “I love you” when words are not enough. For this inspirational shoot, wearing this red rose headpiece makes the model shine with self-love and confidence.


Model with headpiece and bouquet of Red Tacazzi+ Roses in a blog by Anna Lamot-Bach - on Thursd


Choosing Red Taccazi+ roses from breeder Dümmen Orange and grower Holla Roses symbolizes your self-love and confidence, telling everybody: I want to be visible and adored. Red roses - just like you - should be visible and adored all the time.


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International Championship 2010 from Poland 3rd place (Florint diploma certificate). Working and living in Ireland as a wedding decorator. Awards: 2014 Wedding Bouquet Category - Oxford 2019 Brown Award - category growing spaces International Designer of the year Fusion Flowers Magazine Over 20 years of experience in the wedding floral industry. Organizing weddings workshops in Poland since 2016. Published work in several Polish florist magazines and Russian floral magazines. Organized the 2018 Weddings Floral Trends Show for Oasis Floral Products in Warszawa (Poland) at Ptak Expo Warsaw. Did the Inspirational Show at Expo MTP Poznan for Oasis Smithers Products and Flora Life supported by Marginpar, Avalanche Roses, and Ansu in 2020.



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