Red Roses Bring Out the Christmas Cheer and Warmth in Floral Bouquets

Watch the intense color, the generosity of the petals, and the exceptional looks of Porta Nova's Red Naomi.

By: CINDY GUNTHER | 06-12-2023 | 2 min read
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Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi brings out the Christmas cheer and warmth in floral bouquets.

Every year, designers compete in originality for the decorations of this day awaited by young and old, and despite everything, it’s the traditional colors that are the most successful because they have been anchored in our memories since early childhood.

Red remains one of the favorite colors of Christmas and it can be used in many ways. Both festive and brilliant with a lot of balls and lights or quite the opposite more natural with wood and dried fruits.

Creating a Warm Atmosphere With Porta Nova’s Outstanding Rose Red Naomi

In all cases, red warms the atmosphere on winter days because red symbolizes the friendly side of family celebrations and it is a reassuring color.


Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi Christmas Designs by Cindy Gunther
Porta Nova's Rose Red Naomi in my Christmas balls design


And how better to translate this warm atmosphere than with the superb Porta Nova Rose Red Naomi with their intense color, the generosity of their petals, and their exceptional looks?

Whether for a festive bouquet to offer or to decorate your home. These roses allow you endless creations and above all to adapt to everyone's desires.


Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi Christmas Designs by Cindy Gunther
Christmas garland featuring Rose Red Naomi


A Natural Decoration That Calls for a Return to Natural Materials

I wanted to offer you a very natural decoration because it is increasingly trendy to return to natural materials such as wood, wool, moss, or even dried plants. A mixture that is entirely possible to make with fresh Red Naomi 'Supra' or 'Unica' roses from Porta Nova.


Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi Christmas Designs by Cindy Gunther


These go wonderfully with this type of creation, enhancing the whole by their simple presence. They bring a touch of glamor and luxury to a simple and refined decor.

The Result... A Bright and Luxuriant Festive Bouquet

At the same time, it's Christmas and what would a party be without a touch of light? So I suggest a very bright and luxuriant festive bouquet, roses soften the whole with their matte contrast and at the same time reinforce the luxurious side of this bouquet because the red rose keeps this image of a noble, precious flower and symbol of love.


Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi Christmas Designs by Cindy Gunther


Have a wonderful Christmas!



All photos by Cindy Gunther.


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