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Most Important Red Rose

Red Naomi!® rose has become by far the most important dutch grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment. She is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. She is the only red rose with an extremely large flower-head and a subtle scent, so lovely that it will pamper your senses. No other red rose in the market has a better petal count than Red Naomi.

She Has it All

She has it all: Long stems, outstanding transportability, superb vase life. If you are looking for a red rose with an excellent head-size, she has what you need. Her large red, dense and lightly fragrant petals will leave you rosy for over a fortnight. Another benefit of working with Red Naomi roses is that they have relatively few thorns compared with other red roses. Because of the extremely large flower head, luxurious look & feel and unique perfume Red Naomi roses are popular with celebrities and top floral designers.

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Schreurs is a relatively young breeding company. They lead through innovation, seize opportunities with both hands and specialize in developing new breeding and propagation methods that result in unique varieties. In just a couple of decades this approach has led Schreurs to become one of the world's leading rose breeders. And they are proud of their role in the industry. Professional skill, innovation and entrepreneurship are the keys to Schreurs' success. Schreurs supplies the best gerberas and roses the market has to offer. Strong rose varieties such as Red Naomi!, White Naomi! and Aqua! Guaranteed successful sales for growers and popular among wholesalers and consumers alike. As one of the world's top flower creators, Schreurs seek to create new varieties with even better characteristics – varieties that will be tomorrow's top sellers. They try to achieve this in partnership with their customers. When introducing a new variety, they like to work with growers who are keen to lead through innovation - like Schreurs. That way, the people of Schreurs believe they will equally share in success.
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