Colors as a Secret Weapon in Your Design

All colors evoke certain associations

By: PETR ANOKHIN | 05-02-2021 | 2 min read
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As a floral designer, you're always stuck with the age-old question of what materials to choose for creating a bouquet. And, of course, colors are more often than not the deciding factor. That's why I loved using modern varieties of roses with bright, juicy shades for this design. Every year, new varieties appear, and the color palette changes. As a florist, this makes me very happy. Ideas that previously could not be fully implemented are suddenly becoming available. Now, with a variety of assortments to choose from, anything is possible!

All Colors Evoke Certain Associations

Here's a small example of a color scheme. I had a dispute about the shades of flowers in this bouquet and what kind of association each shade causes separately. There are so many shades of red flowers that you can pick, from bright red to ripe cherry and deep burgundy. The palette of shades constantly increases and it expands the boundaries of my creativity.


Colors as a Secret Weapon in Your Design Petr Anokhin


26 Shades of Red Flowers

Did you know that red has about 26 shades? And that all of them can be found in flowers? I believe that each color evokes a certain association in any person. Someone thought this bouquet was created for a very serious and statuesque person. Another decided that this design was a passionate confession of feelings to a cute girl. Another person discerned notes of a good and expensive perfume in it. To some, the color scheme of this bouquet reminded them of a hot summer on the seashore, while others were inspired by the taste of a good aged French wine. And all these associations come from only one color. Anyway, it's safe to say that the bouquet made an impression!



Color Palette as a Florist's Secret Weapon

Making an impression is one of the most important things you can do as a florist. Nobody should remain indifferent when they see what you have created. Flowers have the ability to awaken the kindest, most tender feelings in people and the color palette of a bouquet can excite the imagination, make you recall memories, and stimulate creative thinking. I don't think you'll find a single person in the world who would simply and thoughtlessly gift a bouquet to a loved one without any emotions or feelings behind it. The color palette of a bouquet is one of the florist's secret weapons, which we must use skillfully at the right time. After all, the joy that people experience from the bouquet that they receive cannot be measured. Now, before I go I'd like to know: what association does this bouquet evoke in you?


Colors as a Secret Weapon in Your Design red bouquet by Petr Anokhin


Design and blog: Petr Anokhin Photographer: Arina Anatoleva Creative inspiration: Yulia Murashkina.

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Petr Anokhin

I was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan. My hometown is located on the shores of a very beautiful mountain lake Issyk-Kul. Have you ever wondered at what point in the development of civilization people began to tame wild plants as entertainment, enjoying their ephemeral beauty? My history of relationship with plants began very early, at about 6 years old. At this early age I was already interested in the topic of the history of varieties and species, and the diversity of the flower & plant world. Plants, like humans, have their own past, present and future.



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