Embracing Intuition and Inspiring Change

Self-discovery and stimulating awareness are the future. We must anticipate this change, especially in our field of work.

By: LUCINDA MARIA | 06-09-2023 | 4 min read
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Embracing Intuition and Inspiring Change

When we make our steps within our comfort zone, we engage with our ego mind. Nowadays, the concept of 'ego' is often questioned and pondered upon. So, what exactly is Ego? It's not about egoism. Humans have grown accustomed to being guided by the mind, what we often call the ego or ego-thinking. However, we originated from light, from spirit, and landed on this earthly plane within physical bodies. Our system is the very thing that makes the spirit manifest.

Two Brains

From this place, our natural course should be guided. You might call it intuition, or a gut feeling. It doesn't matter: they both speak the language that is originating from light. Thinking with the brain, which is the ego speaking, is simply practical. It's meant to practically execute what intuition suggests. So, what we visually create with our intuition, we carry out with our practical minds, which guide our limbs to build.

Thus, we have two distinct 'brains' or rather creative forces within us. One is intuitive, the other practical. With one, we employ our imagination; with the other, our heads and hands.

A Translation for the Flower Industry

Switching back to the flower industry, to our craft, recognizing this distinction within yourself is vital. You've probably had questions and thoughts like, "What choice is best for my business?" or "Am I doing things right?" These questions could relate to business operations, staff, or the creations themselves, like floral work. They could also be about things like choosing new packaging or materials to work with in your design, and decisions on investing or saving. All these questions can be answered in two different ways, or rather, from two different places: intuitively (from the heart) or practically (from the head).


Lucinda Maria From the heart


I assure you, the head, the ego, will shout the loudest. The heart is more of a whisperer. This means the answer that is radical and practical will be the quickest to come. The passionate and perhaps most creative answer needs more time and attention from you to be heard. Which answer will you choose? Simply becoming aware of these two options and their correct sequence broadens your perspective. And remember, this can be practiced throughout the day!

Learning to Make Choices Out of Intuition

Opting for the path and answer of your intuition aligns more with the flow of nature. What I find so beautiful is that we, you and I, are the ones with a profession so closely tied to nature. So, we should surely be capable and indeed, we should be making choices from our intuition! The place where passion, talent, the purity of birth, spring, growth, strength, and blossoming reside.


Flower Yurt by Lucinda Maria
The interior of the Flower Yurt of Lucinda Maria


I'm thrilled to offer you the opportunity to explore this place within yourself. The place from which the best choices always emerge. (How could it be anything else? Intuition is the place from which our ancestors precisely knew where to find food and what food was edible. Just like (wild!) animals still do). I offer this opportunity of exploration at my Flower Yurt. Self-discovery and stimulating awareness are the future. We must anticipate this change, especially in our field.

A New Era Is Around the Corner

We're entering a new era! And I'm convinced that we, in our profession, are the pioneers of it! Step out of your comfort zone called limited thinking, and dive into the much broader zone called intuition! Let your passion flow again and inspire others to do the same!

(A side note, I'm excited to announce that my husband, Anton van Duijn, will share his expertise through tailor-made lectures and business advice. He'll inform and inspire you about color and shape trends, but also about energetic trends and forecasting. This is for florists, growers, and anyone involved in agriculture. Anton will also share his vision for this future with you.)

A Flower Deck Is Coming Soon 

My plans for the near future? I focus on a specific flower, each time a different one. I attune myself to that flower and translate the hidden wisdom it holds. The most beautiful flowers will be included in my new card deck: "A Flower a Day." This deck will inspire people every day on how to start their day, with a daily mantra for strength. This way, I bring flowers into people's lives daily. My ambition is to make people realize that "flowers aren't just decorations, but so much more!"


A Flower a Day by Lucinda Maria


Curious or interested in the translation of your favorite flower? Let me know. Or would you like the flower from your nursery to be included in the card deck? So that you can inspire people with your product? The "A Flower A Day" card deck? Drop me a message via email, social media, or phone, it doesn't matter. Or give me a call!

Lucinda Maria profile picture
Lucinda Maria

My drive to help others has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl. I cared for children who were less fortunate, and I was concerned about the environment. I feel that I can help upgrade the flower industry by tapping into an additional layer that flowers bring; combining my experiences, love for fellow humans, high sensitivity, and passion for flowers into a powerful whole.

And use this to help others. To enable them to grow, to feel loved, to feel heard. Seen, embraced, joyful, beautiful, unique, special, and EMPOWERED! But above all, to let them experience the healing power of nature, flowers, and plants.



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