Rose Capriola - A Stunning Masterpiece

De Ruiter East Africa is proud to present Rose Capriola® - a rose that's alife when it opens: every day it changes.

By: THURSD. | 17-01-2024 | 3 min read
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Anton van Duijn With Rose Capriola

De Ruiter Innovations, a renowned breeder in the world of horticulture, has graced us with a true masterpiece in the form of  Rose Capriola®. This exquisite rose variety captivates the hearts of flower enthusiasts with its strength, intricate layers, and beautifully curled heart that unfurls in the most mesmerizing fashion.

Strength and Resilience of Rose Capriola®

Rose Capriola® is known for its robust and resilient nature. Its strong, sturdy stems stand as a testament to its ability to endure at least ten days of vase life. As part of cut flower arrangements, this rose never fails to impress with its elegance.



Rose Capriola® With Intricate Layers of Beauty

The unique allure of Rose Capriola® lies in its complex, layered structure. Each petal appears to be artfully arranged, forming a striking composition that captivates the beholder. The layers of this rose create a sense of depth and texture, adding an exquisite dimension to its visual appeal. 


Design by Anton van Duijn With Rose Capriola
Design Anton van Duijn


Anton van Duijn With Rose Capriola®

Anton van Duijn is one of the Netherlands' all-time favorite floral designers. An Innovator that brings change. He arranged this design with the most amazing natural flow possible. Nature, tells us a story of strength and joy. Anton waited for a few days to let the roses open up a little and when they looked absolutely stunning, he designed them in a natural and free way.


"Besides being a designer, I am also a trendwatcher. I have worked as a style director at Bloomon for the past nine years. I have been looking at trend forecasting for years. I always want to know: What are we doing now and what will it be like next year."


Anton van Duijn Designing With Rose Capriola from De Ruiter Innovations

Rose Capriola in a Natural Arrangement by Anton van Duijn
Design by Anton van Duijn


The Curled Heart of This New Rose

At the very core of Rose Capriola® lies a marvel - a heart that gracefully curls inward. This charming feature adds a touch of personality to the flower as if it is sharing a secret with those who take the time to admire it. The curled heart is a distinctive characteristic that sets Rose Capriola® apart from other rose varieties, making it a unique gem in the world of floriculture.



Capriola's Unfolding Elegance

As Rose Capriola® begins to bloom, its petals slowly unfurl, revealing their inner beauty. This elegant unfolding is a sight to behold, as it mimics the gradual opening of a treasured gift. With each passing day, the rose continues to reveal more of its splendor, reminding us of the patience and wonder that nature bestows upon us. It gives us the belief that life itself is beautiful and it gives us energy. That is the thing with flowers: they are good for your health and make you more happy.



A Versatile Beauty

Rose Capriola's versatility extends beyond its aesthetic qualities. It is a rose that can be enjoyed in various settings, from adorning to becoming a focal in floral arrangements. Its adaptability ensures that Rose Capriola® can be the best choice for all occasions, whether it's a romantic gesture, a wedding bouquet, or a simple expression of beauty, for an opening of a café, or a housewarming, you will score for sure when gifting this beauty.

Rose Capriola® is a remarkable creation that embodies life itself. Its intricate layers, curled heart, and the elegant way it opens are testaments to the artistry of nature and the expertise of the breeders at De Ruiter. A stunning masterpiece.




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