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About the latest technology that help you tackle the complex floral industry supply chain

By: SAHID NAHIM | 07-07-2021 | 2 min read
As it deals with perishable items, the global floral industry can make quality maintenance and availability of products difficult. The smooth function of the global supply chain is the key to this. Consumers expect their flowers to arrive in impeccable condition, even if they’re being imported from countries like Ecuador and Columbia. If you want flowers to have a long vase life, the answer is a well-managed cold supply chain. Fortunately, floral innovations and new supply chain technologies are improving every year. The cut flower supply chain and its logistics may be complex, but the following technologies are making the way to an integrated supply chain much easier.   Floral Industry Supply Chain Technologies - blog sahid nahim on thursd  

Innovations in Floral Supply Chain Technology

  These innovations are our top picks for being game-changers in floral supply chain technology.  

RipeLocker Containers

  RipeLocker is known for its stronghold in extending the life of perishable goods like fruit. Now, they have dipped their toes into florals and with great results. Their new RipeLocker containers can keep newly harvested roses fresh for up to four weeks. These pallet-size containers are also environmentally friendly and are made from recycled materials. They’re also reusable, significantly cutting down on waste. In addition to preserving the roses and preventing decay for four weeks, the RipeLocker containers also ensured that the roses transported had a better vase-life than traditionally shipped roses. These patented containers manage oxygen, carbon dioxide, humidity, and pressure within the containers to preserve the flowers. Real-time changes prevent any damage before it happens.  

Degree Hour Cold-Chain Management

  We could not write this article without mentioning the recent strides in cold chain management. Dutch flower-exporter Holex Flower BV teamed up with FlowerWatch to create a system to preserve freshness and reduce waste. The “500 Degree Hour Norm” quality assurance method uses time-temperature exposure to decrease the number of degree hours flowers are exposed to. Because of this, flowers from across the globe can travel thousands of miles to reach their destinations without losing their freshness. Additionally, they have added vacuum coolers to their existing pre-cooling facilities. Because of this cooling process, the flowers are not affected by the journey taken to get to retailers and customers. Temperature exposure is strictly controlled for longer shelf-life, higher quality, and less waste. All of these floral industry innovations in supply chain technology serve to create an integrated supply chain solution. From growers and distributors to retailers, everyone in the floriculture industry benefits from this. New Bloom Solutions is known for innovations in the floral industry and tackles issues like ethics, price, and functionality without compromising quality. Contact us to learn about our comprehensive flower logistics consulting services.
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Sahid Nahim

With over two decades of cross-segment experience, I've witnessed the flower industry's metamorphosis first hand. From the introduction of digital commerce, social media, and venture innovation—I have a clear understanding of the limitations, and the opportunities available to the stakeholders of our markets. ​The segments of our supply chains are strictly fragmented, in ways that can at times inhibit our own growth potential. For many outsiders coming in, 'disrupting' our long-standing processes seems almost too easy. However, New Bloom was founded on a firm belief that it is those that best understand each corner of this industry who will be most apt to transforming inefficiencies into innovation—and delivering long-term, sustainable growth.


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