Florists Dealing With Flower Demands Post-COVID

Flower demands post-COVID are going through the roof. Why is this happening, how are we going to make it, and can we solve it?

By: HOLLY CHAPPLE | 22-09-2021 | 3 min read

For almost two years, the world of weddings was put to a stop completely. By Covid-19. But I knew that if everything would go to more normal again, there would be a huge storm! And I hope that we will all survive. Because I'll tell you: it will be a challenge at least. You probably all know what I'm talking about. We worked so hard to have people falling in love with flowers through social media so that they would buy flowers for themselves, and it worked! People want flowers, period!  

Flower Demands Post-Covid - Why Is This Happening, How Are We Going to Make It, & Can We Solve It?

For me, it feels like the most complicated time ever. So many things can go wrong, two years of work and we try to push it all together in one year now. Through social media we promoted ourselves and this has worked. For their weddings and many other occasions, people want flowers, many flowers. The demand for flowers never was this big I guess. Some flowers are harder to get than others, some colors are harder to get, the offer is low, the demand is high.   Florists Dealing With Flower Demands Post-Covid Holly Chapple

Lower Production at Flower Farms

I had a talk with Joey, my friend from Alexandra Farms and he told me they hardly can fulfill all orders. The production on the farm has been lower than expected due to the weather which has been very different this year. The environment is damaged. Grey skies, tornados, floods, and colds make flowers are not opening and proceeding to grow. So there is scarcity and on the other hand, the demand is huge. So does the whole world has enough flowers to fill in all those orders?   Florists Dealing With Flower Demands Post-Covid Holly Chapple Flower Farming

Prices of Individual Flowers Are Going Up

Because the demand for several flowers is so high, the prices go up! Some flowers are doubled in price, others at least 30 to 50 percent more expensive. In our flower business clients are very important: try to be as open as possible. Tell them you are facing a lot of these challenges, and that it's possible you need to search for substitutes, or maybe the color will not be the exact one they wanted or the quantity will be a little bit different.  

The Floral and Wedding Industry is Suffering

I'm lucky I grow flowers of my own, and that I have a huge network. But I hope it's clear to everybody that our industry is suffering. To have a corporate account at this moment is a struggle, it's not ok. 18 months of no income, now it's so good, but the prices are unbelievable, so what do we do with the contracts we have for the weddings already booked before Covid-19? I see it on the Instagram of Mayesh, or the one from Delaware, they are all sharing it's difficult.   Florists Dealing With Flower Demands Post-Covid Holly Chapple Weddings   So I ask all of you: try to have some sympathy with what we are going through, forgive us if it's not exactly how we discussed, or if it's less in quantity, or even if it's more expensive. Your florist is doing the best he can within the possibilities he has.

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Holly Chapple

Flowers have been a constant part of Holly’s life since she was a child, literally growing up in a greenhouse! As a newlywed and young woman, Holly decided to take her inherited love, knowledge, and passion for flowers and grow a business. From those seeds planted fifteen years ago "Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD." became one of the most sought after and well-loved designers in the area. Holly’s peers consider her to be one of the most talented floral designers available in the metro area commenting that "When you see a Holly Chapple flower design you know it is a Holly Heider Chapple flower creation". Each centerpiece, bouquet, and design has been lovingly scrutinized, touched, fluffed, and passed by Holly’s very high standards. There is no arrangement that leaves her studio that has not been evaluated multiple times, ensuring complete flower perfection!



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