Blumenhaus One of 25 Best Flower Instagram Accounts
25 Best Flower Instagram Accounts to Get Inspired This is what heaven looks like, in flower designs. Check out some of the most unique and known floral accounts.
Apr 06 | 12 min read
Holly Heider Chapple with the roses named after her
Alexandra Farms Honors Designer With a Stunning New Variety - Princess Holly's Hope Exciting news! A new rose has been born and here's everything you must know about it.
Apr 03 | 5 min read
Inspirational female farmers
10 Inspiring Female Farmers From Around the World Meet the new generation of flower power
Mar 06 | 13 min read
Garden Roses Make the Perfect Match What do you combine with that rose? Three designers take on pairing flowers with blooms for weddings.
Florists Dealing With Flower Demands Post-COVID Flower demands post-COVID are going through the roof. Why is this happening, how are we going to make it, and can we solve it?
Sep 22 | 3 min read
All Interviews on Thursd. Exclusives with floral designers and other leading creative personalities from the floral world
Jun 28 | 5 min read
Designing in Scorched Tones The earth's gifts give me energy and push me to create.
Hope Flower Farm Holly Heider Chapple believes that "online" we can learn together, wherever you are in the world
Sep 03 | 3 min read
10 YouTube Channels With All Kinds of Education Watch educational videos from top designers that are filled with all kinds of inspiration. From flowers to gardening, to floral techniques.

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