Flowers Also Respond to Climate Change

Blossoms are adjusting their UV pigmentation

By: YUNUS KARMA | 01-12-2020 | 1 min read
Floral Designs
With the sustainability theme Scorched Earth in mind, I decided to share several of my designs from a special angle. After some online searches that were linked to the theme, I found an interesting study that I would like to share with you through images and thoughts.   Flowers Also Respond to Climate Change - Yunus Karma - scorched earth blog on thursd    

Flowers Are Changing Color in Response to Climate Change

    Do you know that flowers also respond to climate change? They are changing... And a new study by Rasha Aridi in Smithsonian Magazine of October 2020 shows that "Flowers Are Changing Color in Response to Climate Change".    

Deeply Affected

Rasha states that: "As temperatures and ozone levels rise, blossoms are adjusting their UV pigmentation." That information affected me deeply, and it’s my responsibility to draw attention to climate change with my floral designs. If we take a baby step even in our daily habits maybe flowers will save their colors too.     It’s truly a global matter and the solution will require a globally coordinated response. Let’s act together.     -Yunus Karma   Flowers Also Respond to Climate Change by Yunus Karma   News source: Rasha Aridi, Smithsonian Magazine.
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Yunus Karma

Yunus Karma is Turkey’s first floral artist who create flower exhibitions. In his recently exhibition, the installations was prepared with waste materials of the new İstanbul Airport construction and sustainable flowers. The project’s aim was to raise awareness of Zero Waste. The creations sold by auction and donated to the benefit of the children who need it. He continues to produce flower compositions to customers for 10 years with his own brand. He gives private master classes to those who want to be a florist and also consultancy service who are already florists. Karma, photographed by famous Magnum photographer Martin Parr and announced was between one of the contemporary masters of İstanbul who adds color to Today’s İstanbul with his creativity.


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