For the Love of a Rose, the Florist Is the Servant of a Thousand Thorns

Blossoms spray roses play the main role in this design

By: MICHELINE VANSINTJAN | 01-09-2021 | 3 min read
Damien Overputte, the creative brain of DO-Flowers, studied at the School of Arts in Namur, Belgium, and his passion for flowers brought him to the flower industry. He worked several years with a renowned Belgian flower designer where he gained a lot of experience. And Damien is proud to show the design he had made with three varieties of spray roses from breeder United Selections, rose Speaking Blossoms, rose Pink Blossoms, and rose Tender Blossoms.    

Damien's Passion for Flowers, Plants, and Nature Is His Daily Beverage

The amazing spray roses from United Selections make his heart beat. Roses are always very close to people‘s hearts. The soft pink color and the round shape bring him over to a romantic soft world. That’s why he chooses to work them out in a crown.

A Crown With Blossoms Spray Roses

Like the rose, the crown has been another strong symbol since the dawn of time! The gods were honored with crowns, and they were offered to victorious generals. It was in the Middle Ages that crowns were an accessory with a message.

The Circle, Wheat, Flowers, and Especially Roses Express Life

Maybe people aren’t aware of all this heritage, but circles, wheat, and flowers are an integral part of our heritage. Even the wheat symbolizes the gift which can only be obtained from the gods, the essential and primordial food. The grains of wheat returned to the ground are a promise of other ears. The ear of wheat was an emblem of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris, a symbol of his death and resurrection. Working out magnificent United Selections' roses with high emotional value in combination with the crown shape and other added value speaks to our soul! The circle, wheat, flowers, and especially roses express life!    

Good to Know

United Selections uses test locations all over the world, in Kenya, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, and Japan under different climate conditions at various altitudes to ensure presenting the best-adapted 'award-winning' cut rose varieties. To optimize product quality in various markets, Unites Selections has developed different product lines suitable for various markets and altitudes, which are released on a preferential basis.    

Speaking Blossoms

Speaking Blossoms is a bi-pink colored and a homogeneous spray rose with all buds flowering. Braam Roses has introduced Speaking Blossoms at the clock in June 2021. Braam Roses supplies Speaking Blossoms with a constant daily supply in lengths of 50-60cm.  
For the Love of a Rose, the Florist Is the Servant of a Thousand Thorns - Article on Thursd (2)
Spray rose Speaking Blossoms

Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms is a big-headed premium spray rose with wonderful and romantic soft pink flowers. Check the detailed dark pink-lined edges and the round big flowers. You will fall in love with this spray rose instantly. Kenyan growers Omang and Mzurrie Flowers-Bahati Premium Roses bring these special spray roses to the market.  
For the Love of a Rose, the Florist Is the Servant of a Thousand Thorns - Article on Thursd (4)
Spray rose Pink Blossoms

Tender Blossoms

Tender Blossoms is a spray rose with a classic wedding color, almost thornless making it easy to handle. It opens fully and beautifully. Kenyan grower Omang supplies this variety, making it commercially available worldwide. They are also auctioned at Royal FloraHolland.  
For the Love of a Rose, the Florist Is the Servant of a Thousand Thorns - Article on Thursd (6)
Spray rose Tender Blossoms
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