How to Create a Social Media Plan for Your Flower Business

Planning your social media strategy for your flower business is like planning for your business

By: SHABISTAN KHAN | 10-03-2021 | 3 min read

Social Media Plan For Your Flower Business

Planning your social media strategy for your flower business is like planning for your business. It must have a goal, well define a target audience, channels to reach them, and content strategy to engage with them at different stages of the consumer journey and convert them into buying customers and generate revenue.

Define Your Goal

The major goals for social media marketing are to create a brand, drive traffic to your website, generate new leads, and grow revenue. Branding is creating awareness about your product and services, by creating useful content and engaging with your target audience. The lead cannot be generated without brand awareness. The continuous efforts on branding help to generate more revenue and loyal customers.  

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Define Your Audience

The social media marketing campaign can have a precise message to target audiences that need to make aware of the brand simultaneously we can raise the general awareness of your brand amongst a wide-ranging audience. If you are a breeder your primary audience for social media strategy is growers at different flower growing regions. At large the gardeners and flower lovers. For breeders, the best platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you are a flower grower your major target audience is the distributors and wholesalers, and small segments of retail florist’s ideal social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and YouTube videos are great to create brand awareness. Google AdWords is an amazing paid tool to generate leads. If you are a retail florist and do weddings your target audience is a final consumer. You can define your target audience.

They love flowers and love sending flowers to loved ones and buying for themselves. Instagram is a good channel to share the content images and videos of the arrangements. Facebook is a good channel too for florists. YouTube flower arrangements tutorials are a great way to show your expertise and establish a connection with your target group. 


Create Content

The content strategy changes from channel to channel. Facebook works well with photos and short and long videos. Instagram is a primarily photo-sharing platform and short videos work well. YouTube for long videos. The text format of content works well on LinkedIn. Pay attention to the words used, what images are used, the color scheme, and the formatting all these details help to create consistency in branding.  

Fonts are also an important part of the branding and can be used to keep a consistent look and feel across various channels. Fonts can be easily used through copy-pasting with Quicktools, a great tool for quickly adding text to images.

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Social Media Map

Creating a social media map is the first step of your social media marketing strategy. Research where your target audience is, and talk with your client about what social media they use most. Check out your competitors and talk with people who love your product. First, you decide your target audience, second the channel and third step are to create useful, attention-grabbing content that converts into leads.

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