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Meet the influencers of OZ Export

By: JAMIE SCHELLING | 23-12-2020 | 5 min read
It has been known for some time that social media strengthens your brand. OZ Export is no stranger when it comes to social media. In recent years, we have paid a lot of attention to Facebook and Instagram, among others. This year is, of course, all about COVID-19. In this blog, we like to show you how we have dealt with this in the field of social media.   Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export  

Social Media Accounts

At OZ Export we deal with many different nationalities with regard to our clients. That is why we chose to create different social accounts per country. These accounts are managed by our account managers. Because we have these different accounts, we can respond well to the wishes and needs of these countries and we speak the same language as our followers. Aside from these accounts, we have one so-called 'Main Account'’. On this account, we share everything that is interesting for each and every country.

Jamie Schelling - OZ Export

"The main account is intended to inspire everyone, regardless of origin, and to keep them informed of developments within OZ Export. On this account, we also share photos and videos of the daily activities at OZ Export, like products that are new in season and novelties. It is interesting to see that it is precisely these photos and videos that get the most responses. During COVID-19, we tried to lighten up the mood of our followers and help them through this difficult time. We try to show everyone how much flowers can give everyone a positive boost and that we try our best to make it as easy as possible for everyone to order their flowers."
Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export
Jamie Schelling
  Take a look at the main Instagram account.

Ewa Elias - OZ Export Deutschland

"I started with social media in 2017. We wanted to follow the trends, and we saw the great influence and reach that social media has in German-speaking countries. And it is becoming more and more; it is inspiring, attracts people optically, and for OZ Export it has become an important medium to advertise our company, present our possibilities and products, but also connect with people digitally about the whole world. During COVID-19, where people were not allowed to go out and have had few opportunities to buy their flowers, our channels became an important medium. People were online a lot, they started looking for new digital possibilities to buy their products. The internet is becoming an important medium, and much more will be bought online. It was/is also a medium, where we showed that we are there for people, even in difficult times."
Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export
Ewa Elias
  Take a look at the German Instagram account.

Anita Kociubinska - OZ Export Polska

"I started on June 15, 2016, when social media was associated with private accounts and not a tool for promoting the company. They all had an official FB cancellation, but I had the impression that little was going on. The launch of a fun and interactive account was something unknown in the conservative world of flower exporters. And I just wanted to break this rigid form of communication. For example, I wanted to make OZ Export more known to new target groups and therefore also try out a new form of acquisition. I also wanted to make florists aware that there are so many more options than on the local market. There was a feeling among Polish florists that the products that can be seen online on Pinterest or Instagram are not available to them. I wanted to make people aware of the possibilities that do exist.
  Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export  
The next thing I wanted to show was backstage, reality, and daily work at OZ Export. That combination of technique + delicate flowers is beautiful and interesting for people to see. It was also important for me to start with social media. This gave me more and more passion for my work. In addition, this made OZ Export more accessible. People don't have to be afraid to ask questions, I'm just Anita! I am also not a marketeer, so I had to discover a lot myself, with the help of my marketing colleagues. I am very grateful for this! I think the corona crisis has made people aware that online communication is just as important as offline communication. In the future, I would like to make more videos of the backstage activities at both OZ Export and at the growers. I want to show how much work and love the growers put into their products. My profile should not become a photo album, but a place where people can find relevant and valuable information in addition to photos."
Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export
Anita Kociubinska
  Take a look at the Polish Instagram account.

Mariangela Olivieri - OZ Export Italia

"I posted the first post on Instagram and Facebook on December 15, 2016. I started because I had the following idea in mind: "I want to inspire our customers like the models and the actresses do with clothes and make-up." This way our customers will get admiration for our products and we will sell more flowers.
  Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export  
During the corona crisis, I had more likes on Instagram and Facebook because many people were more at home and therefore had more time for social media. Still, it was of course frustrating that sales were declining, but by staying active on social media, we showed that we were still there and that we supported each other."
Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export
Mariangela Olivieri
  Take a look at the Italian Instagram account.

Henk van Mourik - OZ Export España

"We are still in the start-up phase with the Spanish social media account. We want to reach as many customers, florists, and prospects as possible with this account. With our ideas, know-how, and knowledge that should certainly succeed! In the future there will be more and more gradual posts, with some spectacular photos in the spring."
Social Media Strengthens Your Brand by OZ Export
Henk van Mourik
  Take a look at the Spanish Instagram account.

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