Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya®

Fabulous to create stunning wedding designs as well as beautiful vase designs

By: JOSEPHINE THOMAS | 27-05-2021 | 3 min read
I am Josephine Thomas and I fell in love with scented garden roses and David Austin roses as a young girl already. The texture and the form of the roses when they open up, amaze me and so it was a pleasure to design this beautiful bouquet with Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya®. These Japanese garden roses combined with the David Austin roses shine in this vase.   _Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya® - Blog on Thursd  

About Alexandra Farms, Parfum Flower Company, and Myself

Alexandra Farms likes to call itself a ’boutique rose farm’ because they are dedicated to growing nostalgic, romantic garden roses. They are located in the incredibly fertile Bogoté Savanna, high in the Andes mountains of Colombia, where the weather is perfect for rose growing: warm days and cool nights. Because of the high altitude, Alexandra Farms produces roses with thick stems and large blooms. The people of Alexandra Farms are all flower industry veterans. They got together in an effort to bring back some of the romance that flowers used to represent. Searching worldwide to find products that weren’t industrially engineered for longevity and uniformity. Alexandra Farms has besides Japanese garden roses and David Austin roses many other beautiful roses to offer and through Parfum Flower Company these roses find their way to our garden center.    

Josephine Thomas from Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration

My name is Josephine Thomas from Thomas home & garden inspiration. The third generation in the business.   Quote Josephine Thomas   I got offered the opportunity to work with Parfum Flower Company roses, our provider of the amazing garden roses and David Austin roses, and make a design with these bespoke roses. These Japanese garden roses Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya® are just fabulous to create stunning wedding designs as well as beautiful vase designs.

Princess Hitomi®

A medium to large Japanese Garden rose with a seductive but not overpowering fragrance of lavender, Princess Hitomi (Beautiful History) is remarkable for her pure color, a cotton-candy pink. Because the tone of her hue is so even, it brings to the fore delicious contrasts in the form of her petals: her inner petals are rolled into four hearts, while her outer petals curl under into a layered array of starry points. This Japanese rose blends baby-girl innocence and a sophisticated style.   _Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya® - Blog on Thursd (4)  

Princess Maya®

With petals of pure light peach, this Japanese garden rose Princess Maya (Night Rain) opens into a medium-size rose with outer petals that curl under, forming starry points, and inner petals that make elaborate folds in the classic garden rose quartered pattern. Her size, color, and light rose fragrance make Princess Maya® a particularly apt choice for a bridal bouquet.   Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi and Princess Maya - Blog on Thursd by Josephine Thomas (2)  

How It All Began

Well, maybe I have to start from the beginning... As a young girl, I would go to the most amazing flower fairs with my father and I already knew at the time that I would become a florist myself. Also at that time, I saw these amazing garden roses and David Austin flowers… and I fell in love. I can say without a doubt:
Family, flowers, and friends are my life, and I enjoy every minute of it.
  Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya® - Blog on Thursd by Josephine Thomas (1)  

In Love

I absolutely fell in love with these roses. The way they look, the way they are shaped but maybe the most important thing… THE PARFUM on them... Those scents just amaze me every time again. And from that moment on, we started selling these stunning roses in our garden center. So when I got the question to work with them and make this design for Thursd I started right away!   Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya® - Blog on Thursd by Josephine Thomas  

These Roses Don't Need Much

Well, these roses don’t need much because they are the most beautiful and bespoke and wonderful-smelling roses, so keeping that in mind I wanted to keep the focus on that and make a classic arrangement that will stand out every single rose in this arrangement. I mixed some of the roses but keeping the main focus on Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya®.   _Jaw-Dropping Princess Hitomi® and Princess Maya® - Blog on Thursd (2)  


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