I Got a Chance to Interview Artist Cedric Laquieze!

An exciting follow-up of our ambition to participate together in 'Homo Faber 2024 Biennale: The Journey of Life'.

By: KATYA HUTTER | 21-02-2024 | 7 min read
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Cedric Laquieze

Cedric Laquieze is an Amsterdam-based artist born in Los Angeles and a graduate of the Rietveld Academy of the Netherlands. His unusual choice of materials results in work that walks the line between sculpting, fashion, and design in a surrealistic celebration of color and form. From fairies made of insects to taxidermy made of flowers as well as busts of ancient gods, there is a constant theme of redefining the shapes of nature and other themes that capture timeless beauty.

I got a chance to ask Cedric some questions! Please enjoy Cedric’s amazing creations and this exclusive interview for

My Interview With Cedric Laquieze

Katya: Let me first inform our readers that you, as a sculpture artist, together with stylist Rosalind Julen, and I, are currently collaborating on several exciting projects. One of them is a statement table design and a styled shoot for, which we plan to submit to the Table Design Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, in November 2024. Additionally, we both are planning to submit our unique artistic designs for Homo Faber 2024 Biennale: The Journey of Life under the Art Direction of Luca Guadagnino in Venice in September. How do you feel about these exciting plans?

Cedric: "The best parts about being an artist are these kinds of projects, it never would have occurred to me to work on these types of designs and that's what I find thrilling! On the one hand, it’s going to be amazing working with these two designers I share a lot of respect and aesthetics with and on the other, I have been following Homo Faber for years and am honored to present our work for such a high-quality foundation."


Katya Hutter interview Cedric Laquieze quote

Cedric Laquieze artist
Cedric Laquieze


Katya: Your work is truly remarkable. Can you tell me about your artistic journey and how you developed your unique style as an artist and sculptor?

Cedric: "I have been a sculptor for as long as I can remember. Coming from a family of artisans (my mother is an artist and my father a gunsmith at the time) means I have always been working with my hands and since my early teen, I have always had a passion for sculpting. My style is a result of experimenting and making mistakes, over the years I have exposed myself to more and more influences from the classic masters to the newest technologies, and somewhere in between I found a style that has become mine."

Katya: You incorporate flora and fauna to create unique pieces, truly magical new forms of life that didn't exist before. Do you ever feel like a 'Creator' or 'God', shaping new forms of life, when working on your sculptures?

Cedric: "If anything, I feel like the blunt tool used by the sculptures to make themselves, I sometimes have a general idea about the direction I would like to go when starting a project, but a good 90% of the time I end up making something completely new and if lucky, different than what I have made before. Working with these types of materials means you must be open-minded towards the results you didn’t expect."


Cedric Laquieze sculptures


Very Special and Unusual Materials

Katya: The materials you use are also very special and unusual. Could you share some insights into the materials and techniques you use to create such unique pieces?

Cedric: "Well, I really think that most inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world, so early on I tried to obtain and use these elements of the natural world to recreate a sort of architecture that you see in the natural world, I don’t think it’s so unusual to use nature to create something new, in fact I think humans have been doing that from the very beginning."

Katya: The theme of our upcoming collaborative project for is 'The Underwater World'. How do you approach incorporating themes into your artwork, and what draws you to themes like 'The Underwater World'?

Cedric: "The main aspect I like with this theme is the flow of water and its effect of playing with light and colors, it’s the most meltable of elements, it transforms but also preserves. It's a mysterious element that conjures up treasures of sunken ships as well as great beasts and unreachable landscapes."


Cedric Laquieze leo vulgaris sculpture
'Leo Vulgaris' is the crown jewel of Cedric's 'Vulgaris' series


Katya: Silk flowers play a significant role in some of your sculptures, such as the roaring floral lion, which is a true masterpiece. I'm so glad I saw it in real life in your atelier. What inspired you to create it and to integrate silk flowers into your work, and how do you manipulate them to achieve the desired artistic effect?

Cedric: "The use of flowers came during my graduation exam for the Rietveld Academy, we were studying 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' — a 16th-century comedy play by Shakespeare — and of course, I wanted to make a series based on the mischievous fairies, I wanted to create a predator in a paradise landscape. The piece I made eventually got me interested in the line that separates beauty from terror, which I find very present in nature, and I don’t think I’m done exploring that contrast."


Cedric Laquieze purple fairy sculpture
Sculpture from the 'Fairies' series, Cedric's longest ongoing sculpture series




Katya: This sounds very inspiring. As an Amsterdam-based artist, do you find that the city and its artistic atmosphere influence your work? If so, in what ways?

Cedric: "Amsterdam is a wonderful city when it comes to the arts, there are great museums and galleries that can offer a lot of inspiration. On top of that, my studio (which is my second home) hosts some of the most creative artists in the Netherlands which I am very grateful for."


Cedric Laquieze thrones series
A piece from the 'Thrones' series, where the contrast of the iridescent blue, the gold-leafed poppies, and the bleached bones create an elegant array of textures


Katya: Are there specific artists or movements that have inspired your work? How do you navigate the balance between being influenced by others and maintaining your distinct artistic voice?

Cedric: "I find inspiration in all kinds of time periods and artistic mediums but in my heart, I will always have a love for classic architecture, sculpting, and refinery. At the moment, I like jewelry and fashion, and I think you can let yourself be influenced by others, be inspired by other artists without losing your individuality."


Cedric Laquieze bust sculpture
The 'Bust' series are marble sculptures of the ancient world used to represent gods, and figures of mythology


Collaboration for the Table Design Exhibition

Katya: Collaboration is a key aspect of our upcoming projects. How do you approach collaborations, and what excites you most about our upcoming statement 'Table Design'?

Cedric: "Collaborations can be tricky when egos get in the way, on this particular project I think that the three of us have a similar aesthetic and most importantly a love for color and composition that will lead to something truly decadent and new. I'm very excited about the result of the work and really think we can achieve something unique."

Katya: Me too, I’m very excited about our collaboration and can’t wait to create the unique table design together. I think we are going to offer something exceptional for the event industry: table designs on the edge of art and design. Looking back at your past projects, is there one that holds special significance for you? Could you share the story behind that particular piece and its impact on your artistic journey?

Cedric: "There are many projects that remain in my heart, but as a rule, I’m never as excited as I am for the next project. I always think the best job is the one I haven’t done yet. I have been known to be chaotic and always enthusiastic, and like I said earlier I believe in letting yourself get lost and making mistakes, those are the main roads that lead to adventure and new possibilities for me."

Katya: You are only as good as your last job, they say. Thank you for your time and insights into your unique artistic world that you've shared with us. I look forward to working with you and sharing the fruits of our collaborations with the public!


Cedric Laquieze Katya Hutter Rosalind Julen
From the left: Cedric Laquieze, Katya Hutter, and Rosalind Julen



Interview: Katya Hutter (@katyahutterfloraldesign). Answers, Art Objects & Photography: Cedric Laquieze (@cedriclaquieze). Visit the website of Homo Faber.
Header image: 'Calypso Fairy' from the 'Fairies' series.

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