Eli Perez
10 Questions to Eli Perez, the General Manager of Rosamina "Today, we are the largest Protea and greens farm in South America."
Apr 18 | 8 min read
Cedric Laquieze
I Got a Chance to Interview Artist Cedric Laquieze! An exciting follow-up of our ambition to participate together in 'Homo Faber 2024 Biennale: The Journey of Life'.
Feb 21 | 7 min read
Brett Matthew John florist special feature on Thursd
Florist Special With Brett Matthew John Read more about this superstar floral designer and his conceptual floristry creations that impress anyone who sees his work.
Jan 31 | 7 min read
TJ McGrath with his dog
Florist Special With TJ McGrath Show-stopping sunny palettes of flower arrangements and an exclusive interview with TJ McGrath, a designer with an innate sense of shape and composition.
Florist and Artist Maurice Harris Believes in the Business of Beauty Botanical design with the L.A.-based owner of Bloom & Plume
Oct 21 | 4 min read
Doctor Solomon Leong in an Exclusive Floral Interview "Flowers are not only beautiful, but I think they reflect a lot about our cultures and history."
Oct 07 | 4 min read
Floral Interview With Kristen Caissie from Moon Canyon To embark on a fresh adventure, create a mood, craft a tale, celebrate beauty, and embrace the senses: "I'm totally at the whim of nature."
Sep 21 | 3 min read
All Interviews on Thursd. Exclusives with floral designers and other leading creative personalities from the floral world
Jun 28 | 5 min read
A Floral Interview With Erin McLarty of Eden's Echo Inspired by the wonderful, warm, and creative people of the floral industry
Jun 23 | 9 min read
Simone Gooch Attracts Fashion Crowds A minimalist vision to floristry
Driven by Nature, The Wunderkammer Creating an exquisite world full of natural artefacts and unique settings
Jun 08 | 6 min read

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