A Floral Interview With Esther Weijenberg - Dutch Junior Champion A young florist, full of ambition: "The time was right to participate in this big challenge for me, ready for the competition."
Nov 18 | 6 min read | Floral Designers
Doctor Solomon Leong in an Exclusive Floral Interview "Flowers are not only beautiful, but I think they reflect a lot about our cultures and history."
Oct 07 | 4 min read | News
All Interviews on Thursd. Exclusives with floral designers and other leading creative personalities from the floral world
Jun 28 | 5 min read | News
A Floral Interview With Erin McLarty of Eden's Echo Inspired by the wonderful, warm, and creative people of the floral industry
Jun 23 | 9 min read | News
Full Bloom's Winner Conner Nesbit Takes Home $100K Read the story of this exceptional florist
Jan 13 | 6 min read | News
Driven by Nature, The Wunderkammer Creating an exquisite world full of natural artefacts and unique settings
Jun 08 | 6 min read | News
Hollywood Wedding Planner Preston Bailey A renowned event planner slash floral couturier
Apr 15 | 6 min read | News
Fam Flower Farm, Feeling Ambitious and Guilty These Dutch female flower farmers are influencing floriculture
Mar 08 | 4 min read | News
Beth Syphers Owning Her Role as Flower Farmer A woman with power and grace changing the perceived name of a “farmer”
Mar 06 | 6 min read | News
Combining Flowers and Technology, PHKA Studio From Bangkok Breaking boundaries of tradition by creating beautiful, meaningful, and unique floral installations
Mar 03 | 7 min read | News
Influenced By the Seasons, Toile Blanche Making life bright and enjoyable with flowers and sweets
Feb 24 | 4 min read | News
Holly Chapple Reshapes the Flower Movement Textures, uniqueness, and anything harvestable is part of Holly's lushly designs
Jan 21 | 13 min read | News

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