My Bouquet Girl Wears Snowstorm+ Roses

These are my designs with brilliant white roses to wear anywhere, anytime.

By: LAURA DRAGHICI | 22-03-2022 | 2 min read
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I know a beautiful girl. I sometimes see her passing by. I just always have to look at her. She is always dressed so lovely. I call her the Bouquet Girl because when we meet she always wears flowers. Flowers in her hair, in the ears, and on her dress. It seems like nothing is making her happier than wearing flowers. Today she has decided to go white with the brilliant white Snowstorm+ roses from Dümmen Orange.

The Bouquet Girl

I saw her again recently, the Bouquet Girl. I don't know her real name, or where she comes from, and I don't need to. To me, she is just the Bouquet Girl. She was in a romantic mood, as mostly when I see her around. And I am always curious about how she would be dressed up today.

Did she wear a short wedding dress here? Is she going to give her eternal love to someone? I don't know. I didn't ask. I was just looking at her in wonder at how she makes this troubling world so beautiful by just being who she is.


Flowers Make You Happy

When she noticed that I was looking at her she spoke to me. She told me with a melancholic look on her face how we all realize more and more that every day is a challenge. Wearing flowers takes you into a magical, idyllic, fragrant world. Flowers make you happy.


Wearing Rose Snowstorm+

The Bouquet Girl sometimes wears the Snowstorm+ rose with pearl earrings, a roses head centerpiece, or a fun hair ornamental made of rose petals. She said to me: "Surround yourself with flowers and you will see a much more beautiful world!" And I believe her.


Bouquet Girl with Rose Snowstorm from Dümmen Orange - on Thursd


Credits: Design by Laura Draghici, model Timeea Antonescu, make-up by Anca Dumitrache, photography by Diana Stanciu Photographer, roses by Dümmen Orange. A special thanks to my supplier Flori Holland.

Laura Draghici

Laura Draghici is the owner of Romanian floral art studio Chic Fleuriste. Chic Fleuriste is specialized in creating enchanting and unique creations, like floral jewelry, designs for weddings and baptisms, and special floral arrangements.


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