My Parisian Bouquet With Red Lands Roses

These three varieties combine to create a generous bouquet to undoubtedly convey a message of 'Love' and 'Sharing'.

By: CATHERINE JOYAUX CORSELLI | 09-11-2021 | 2 min read
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Inspired by three varieties from Red Lands Roses I made this Parisian Bouquet, an ode to the rose; round, wild, natural, and very much 'French style'.   My Parisian Bouquet With Red Lands Roses quote  

What Is a Parisian Bouquet?

Parisian bouquets are known for containing just a few varieties, with no need for more than three or four different fowers. The color palette should feel tonal, nonchalant, and not too busy. The French style of creating a bouquet is a classic technique requiring minimal fuss, but with a maximal result; it’s all in the wrist. The bouquet is hand-tied, wild, natural, yet very balanced. Its magic comes from the simplicity, yet elegancy, from the chicness, yet whimsicalness, and from the freshness, yet timelessness. The finishing touch is a colorful ribbon to make the bouquet extra festive.    

Round, Wild, and Natural

A round, wild, and natural bouquet as we like to give, receive, create... I picked these three lovely varieties spray rose Chic Flow, spray rose Bal Musette, and spray rose Satori for this creation. With only one companion in the bouquet, the white flower of wild carrots (daucus carota), gives life to this inspiration.    

Three Spray Roses

Spray rose Chic Flow is the image of a soft rose, which might seem fragile, but is not, with an appearance of cotton and snowflakes... She is tender.  
My Parisian Bouquet With Red Lands Roses - Spray Rose Chic Flow Spray rose Chic Flow
  Spray rose Bal Musette, besides the fact that her name amuses and takes us back to the old days, is vigorous by her foliage, 'peps' by her color, and touching by the shape of her petals.  
My Parisian Bouquet With Red Lands Roses - Spray Rose Bal Musette Spray rose Bal Musette
  Spray rose Satori, is luminous and we approach perfection in the shape of the rose.  
My Parisian Bouquet With Red Lands Roses - Spray Rose Satori Spray rose Satori
  These three varieties combine to create a generous bouquet to undoubtedly convey a message of 'Love' and 'Sharing'. Check more of my work for Red Lands Roses and more on my Instagram @catherinejoyauxcorselli.
Catherine Joyaux Corselli

I love seasonal flowers, garden and spray roses, peonies, and sweet peas. I love to glean what surrounds us in our gardens or in my Berry countryside where I live with my family. Above all, I like creating arrangements, on a large scale or even practicing Land Art for my clients' weddings and professional events. I have the desire to create ephemeral festive scenes for my clients. For over a decade I have taken pleasure in giving flower art classes to my students in a spirit of transmission, passion, and conviviality. I created the “École du Bouquet”, which brings together flower and floral enthusiasts all year round, from all over France.


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