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Roses have been cultivated for their beauty and perfume since antiquity. At Red Lands Roses we are proud to produce this unique flower, giving it all its glory by offering a wide assortment of close to 200 varieties.

Aimed at the Highest Quality

All processes at Red Lands Roses are aimed at ensuring that each stem that our clients receive is of the highest quality. We make this possible by: - Investing in computerized climate management and feeding system in all the greenhouses - Analyzing each stem that is harvested, one by one, for several parameters - Sending samples of our roses to independent flower experts in Holland, France, and Japan who check the quality standards in terms of sorting, bunching, and boxing and advise us accordingly to ensure our clients receive the best quality product. - Investing in a traceability system where each stem is monitored all the way from harvest, grading, boxing, and shipping. All stems can be traced back to their greenhouse of origin in the event that any variety needs intervention - Attaching a tag to each bunch to ensure that our clients can recognize our roses effortlessly. The Red Lands Roses tag is our guarantee of quality to our clients. - Packing all our flowers in recyclable boxes, without glue or staples. - Offering different types of boxes adapted to clients ‘needs and the size of flowers - Placing data loggers in boxes to monitor and record temperature from our cold stores to their final destination. Any non-conformity is shared with shipping agents for control purposes.


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Red Lands Roses Ruiru Kamiti Road (C63), Ruiru, Kenia

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