My Romantic Deep Purple Wedding Design

This Decofresh rose has a luxurious appearance due to its rarely seen color

By: YUVERTA | 11-08-2021 | 3 min read
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Rose  Deep Purple is a very beautiful rose with a luxurious appearance due to its exclusive color. The rose gives me a romantic feeling, hence my choice for a wedding decoration. In addition, the rose is very powerful and royal because of the deep purple color, which is rarely seen in the rose varieties.

Student at Helicon Den Bosch

My name is Nele Kapteijns and I am 17 years I am following the Flower, Green & Styling education level 4 at Helicon in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. This is my second year and next year I will have my final exam in this beautiful flower business. In addition to the training, I also work in a very nice flower shop in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands.   My Romantic Deep Purple Wedding Design by Nele Kaptijns from Helicon with Decofresh Roses - quote   From Thursd my school has received a request to promote some rose varieties through an innovative flower arrangement. So for me, this was rose Deep Purple. I had the opportunity to work with the rose Deep Purple from Decofresh, this seemed like a fun and cool experience. It was also a great opportunity to further develop myself in the flower business.

A Wedding Decoration

When I saw the rose for the first time, I immediately thought: "Wow, what a unique, large and full rose it is." The color flashes and the bracts have a small fuchsia-colored edge, this gives the rose a powerful appearance. I am very charmed by this fantastic rose, and I am also very satisfied with the quality of the Deep Purple rose, with its strong bud with many petals and a fine stem thickness. When I heard about this assignment, I immediately had an idea. I like to work with large floral arrangements and the wedding theme. The rose is perfect for weddings!  

My Romantic Deep Purple Wedding Design by Nele Kapteijns from Helicon with Decofresh Roses
Nele Kapteijns from Helicon with rose Deep Purple

A Wedding Decoration

A wedding arch as an eye-catcher should not be missing at a romantic wedding. The bride and groom say yes to each other under a sea of ​​flowers for their eternal love. I wanted to convey the same feeling of love and romance on this special day in the photos we took for this project. I hope you experience that feeling through my work. With a loving view, I look at the striking, romantic flower arrangement between the falling rose petals.  

An Airy Effect

The rose was central to the floral arrangement and had to attract attention. My choice to only add other green products has reinforced this even more. In all respects, the vigorous rose stands out and thus gets the deserved attention. As green products I used ruscus and branches of a willow tree, this gives the atmospheric flower arrangement more body and volume. This is how I created an airy effect. You will then be provident with these high-quality products. In addition, the airy and field-bouquet-like way of stitching is completely hot at the moment, a real trend. It also contains some fresh-colored lilac flowers from a chive plant. This gives an extra touch to the flower arrangement, because of the playfulness of the flower. In short, this pleasant and beautifully colored rose looks fantastic in unique flower arrangements.  

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Instagram: nelekapteijns_ Practical support/ advice: Coby van Otterdijk. Styling & photography: Elfi Voermans. Textual guidance/editing: Ruud Teutelink Rose Deep Purple Cut flower on Thursd Buy these roses at Deofresh Button on Thursd

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