Catwalk Design Yuverta Students
Three Catwalk Designs by Yuverta Students Young designers Fleur Aerts, Romy Hofstede, and Guulke van den Broek present their self-made floral outfits inspired by iconic contemporary artists.
Floral Designs
Jul 17 | 8 min read
The Line of Connection is a floral design by Rik Bartholomeus from Yuverta
'The Line of Connection' Is My Masterwork of Floral Camaraderie This design is symbolic of the deep relations we forge through our journeys in floral artistry.
Floral Designs
Sep 12 | 4 min read
Yuverta's Robust Beauty by Noor Helmer
Protea Flower’s Robust Beauty Is a Floral Masterpiece An exotic flower that defies convention, doubling as both a stunning bouquet and an enchanting hanging sculpture.
Green Waterfall floral design created by Verena Boelens from Yuverta MBO Den Bosch
A Green Waterfall That Epitomizes Nature's Beauty Foliages from OrcaGreen flow with grace and elegance and serve as an ode to nature's beauty.
Cymbidium for mothers day
Cymbidium - The Must-Have for Mother’s Day Learn how to make a stunning bouquet for mum with this striking orchid as the main flower.
Newest Yuverta Trend Forecast Under the Sea Explained featured on Thursd
My Newest Trend Forecast With Yuverta - Under the Sea Explained Learn more about my amazing sustainability project using the magic touch of Dutch tulips.
Tulips Sustainability
Aug 23 | 4 min read
Sara Van Hees work of art featured on Thursd
We Can No Longer Deny Climate Change Ranunculus is the protagonist and star flower in this awesome project.
Flowers Floral Designs
Aug 16 | 4 min read
Yuverta Floral Design Education At home in the future with contemporary green education and versatile study programs.
Yuverta Loves Freestyling with Chrysanthemum Ilonka Watch these two basic but intriguing designs from this Dutch floral education.
I Challenged Myself and Created a Stack of Ilonkas These rough and tough wooden discs create a sturdy and powerful image with chrysanthemum Ilonka, like a massive industrial design.
Chrysanthemum Ilonka Is the Star of the Future This bright white flower can be combined well with all kinds of materials, used in all directions in a floral arrangement, creating numerous combinations.
The Fiorella Rose is a Passionate Power of Nature A fiery character with intense and deep colors
Floral Designs Roses
Sep 15 | 5 min read

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