We Can No Longer Deny Climate Change Ranunculus is the protagonist and star flower in this awesome project.
Aug 16 | 4 min read
My Newest Trend Forecast With Yuverta - Under the Sea Explained Learn more about my amazing sustainability project using the magic touch of Dutch tulips.
Aug 23 | 4 min read
Yuverta Floral Design Education At home in the future with contemporary green education and versatile study programs.
Jan 25 | 2 min read
Yuverta Loves Freestyling with Chrysanthemum Ilonka Watch these two basic but intriguing designs from this Dutch floral education.
I Challenged Myself and Created a Stack of Ilonkas These rough and tough wooden discs create a sturdy and powerful image with chrysanthemum Ilonka, like a massive industrial design.
Chrysanthemum Ilonka Is the Star of the Future This bright white flower can be combined well with all kinds of materials, used in all directions in a floral arrangement, creating numerous combinations.
The Fiorella Rose is a Passionate Power of Nature A fiery character with intense and deep colors
Sep 15 | 5 min read
Why Rose Attraction Makes Me Think of Farm Life My homage to the countryside's atmosphere
Sep 06 | 3 min read
A Bohemian Bridal Arch Full of Inspiration With Rose Suplesse This is my design for a summery outdoor wedding
Aug 31 | 3 min read
Rose Barracuda Gives Me Sweet Love This beautiful rose makes me think of cotton candy
Aug 23 | 3 min read
Raining Blossoms With Kahala Roses You can really create a wow-effect with these roses in shades of soft pink and orange
Aug 19 | 3 min read
My Romantic Deep Purple Wedding Design This Decofresh rose has a luxurious appearance due to its rarely seen color
Aug 11 | 3 min read

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