Exquisite Easter Floral Décor With Porta Nova's Rose Red Naomi

"This rose embodies the essence of renewal and vitality that the Pascha celebrations represent."

By: ROMAN FEDOROVICH | 20-03-2024 | 4 min read
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Easter Festivities Enhanced With Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi Floral Arrangements

Easter holds a special place in the hearts of many, but its significance varies widely across cultures and beliefs. For some, it’s a time of joy and family reunions, while for others, it’s a period of quiet contemplation. However, one thing that remains constant is the association of Easter with flowers.

In our celebration, we adorned the occasion with the exquisite Rose Red Naomi sourced from Porta Nova, adding an unmatched elegance befitting the grandeur of this important day.

Porta Nova's Rose Red Naomi for Easter Décor

The choice of Rose Red Naomi for Easter décor speaks volumes about the multifaceted nature of the holiday.


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities
Porta Nova's Rose Red Naomi in my Easter floral design.


These beautiful blooms, with their vibrant colors and delicate petals, embody the essence of renewal and vitality that Easter represents. As spring arrives, these roses serve as a poignant reminder of life’s inherent beauty and the promise of fresh beginnings.

Furthermore, the selection of Porta Nova roses underscores the importance of quality and craftsmanship in our Easter festivities.

For my 'Wreath Bouquet', I made a levitating decorative frame, which is fixed by tilting the flower stems. To make the design more light, I supplemented it with Asclepia fluffs. Rose Red Naomi has an incredible depth of color that is perfect for Easter designs. The shape of the bouquet-wreath directly symbolizes the cyclical nature of life


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities
'Wreath Bouquet'


Porta Nova is renowned for its exceptional cultivation techniques and unwavering commitment to excellence, embodying the spirit of Easter – a time to honor and appreciate the finest gifts of nature.

Easter Celebrations With Rose Red Naomi

By adorning our Easter celebrations with Rose Red Naomi roses from Porta Nova, we pay homage to the rich tapestry of traditions and beliefs that surround this auspicious day.

The 'Nest Bouquet' is a traditional Easter bouquet. It symbolizes rebirth, and we also associate it with something family-like, important, and indestructible. I used bright branches of redwood, which set off the Red Naomi Rose. I also used quail eggs, their incredible color forces you to peer into the smallest details of the work, making you admire the main artist of the world - nature itself.

I used Red Naomi roses for a reason. It is the red color from deep times that represents rebirth and love, coming from the very depths of our hearts, passed on from generation to generation.


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities
The 'Nest Bouquet'. Easter is an important day in the life of many people and can be enhanced with a Rose Red Naomi bouquet


Whether they grace a church altar or adorn a festive table setting, these blooms evoke a sense of reverence and wonder, transcending cultural boundaries and bringing people together in a shared celebration of life and faith.

As we gather with loved ones to partake in the rituals of Easter, let us be reminded of the enduring beauty of nature’s creations and the profound significance of this sacred occasion.

In the piece 'Feather Bouquet' I used stabilized leaves, wire insulation tubes, and a lot of feathers. For me, the color red symbolizes Easter, so Red Naomi's roses represent it perfectly. My mother and grandmother always painted eggs red, and this is also what priests use. And of course, red is the color of love, passion, and joy.


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities
'Feather Bouquet'


In my piece 'Tree Bouquet', Red Naomi roses are the main, dominant material, a symbol of life and resurrection. In contrast to a living flower - the root of a tree, as a connection between generations, a symbol of traditions


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities

The 'Tree Bouquet' Easter is a holiday that cannot be imagined without flowers, and Rose Red Naomi is one such flower.


In the timeless elegance of Rose Red Naomi roses from Porta Nova, we find solace, inspiration, and joy, reaffirming our belief in the enduring power of hope and renewal.


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities
Unique Rose Red Naomi designs that you should consider trying this Easter.


I wanted to emphasize the movement of the stems of the Red Naomi rose, with the graphic nature of the hazel branches. The work was done in an alternative technique to reflect the purity of Easter while also addressing the theme of eco-friendliness. In my opinion, the deep meaning of Easter lies in the color and velvet of roses, namely self-sacrifice, redemption, and resurrection.


Rose Red Naomi Floral Designs for Easter Festivities
This Red Naomi for Easter decor perfectly reflects the versatility and importance of the occasion.


Florists: Marina Grintsevich, Valeryia Tagaeva, Viktoria Drapeko, Sabina Alyanaya, and Alena Volodko. Photos: Valeryia Nizovaya for Porta Nova.


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