Rose Red Tacazzi+ Is Catching Eyes in This Hotel

"From the moment you enter the Park Inn by Radisson reception, the warm color of the rose immediately draws your attention."

By: MARTIJN SCHEVERNELS | 27-03-2022 | 2 min read
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Rose Red Tacazzi hotel bar header - on Thursd

The Red Tacazzi+ is a very beautiful rose with a very nice warm shade of red. Due to its exceptional and unique color, the Red Tacazzi+ is the perfect flower for use in showpieces and eye-catchers. I used this fierce red rose for a design in a hotel bar. And I think it lifts up the place to a classy level, catching eyes as you enter the room.

Showing Off in a Hotel Bar

If you want to upgrade the looks of a public place, like an office, a shop, or a hotel bar, you best do that with flowers. We have used this dark red rose to make a flower arrangement to decorate a hotel counter. We chose Rose Red Tacazzi+ because it is very strong and stays beautiful for a long time.



From the moment you enter the hotel reception of Park Inn by Radisson in Hasselt, Belgium, the warm color of the rose immediately draws your attention. They are perfect to use in bouquets and flower arrangements. Due to their sturdy stem, they are easy to process in both field bouquets and classic bouquets.

To fix the idea of a bar it looks like the roses are put in a kind of wine cooler. The bar is spacey, which gives way to a lavish design like this. The preserved branches and hanging amaranthus amplify the effect of the red roses even better.


Martijn Schevernels - Rose Red Tacazzi hotel bar - on Thursd


Rose Red Tacazzi+

This rose is bred by Dümmen Orange and exclusively grown in Ethiopia by Holla Roses. As you can see in the counter design the red color combines wonderfully with white flowers and branches. In fact, it matches many other colors.

Next to that, the Red Tacazzi+ rose is characterized by an almost complete absence of thorns, the big firm 4 centimeters tall head, and its long life span. This makes it definitely a rose to buy, give, and create with.


Martijn Schevernels - Rose Red Tacazzi Park inn by Radisson - on Thursd


Images by SB Media taken at Park Inn by Radisson Hasselt, Belgium.

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