Sending the World Positive Energy

I'm not the person to sit still and do nothing

By: SARAH DIKKER | 25-03-2020 | 2 min read
Support for Floriculture

The corona crisis has hit us all worldwide. Our health is at risk, and companies are also suffering. In the floriculture industry, many flowers and plants are no longer sold and thrown away. I saw the panic in floriculture and wanted to do something substantial to make people aware of the value of flowers and plants. After all, I'm not the person to sit still and do nothing. I was thinking about sending the world positive energy.

Love and happiness

We immediately started #flowers4oxygen with various parties to worldwide spread the message of love and happiness in which we all believe. We had plans for a ‘national flower arrangement’ before and then said to each other: "If ever a crisis situation arises in the Netherlands or in the world, we must do something with a large flower artwork." When the corona crisis reached the Netherlands, we immediately called each other to set our plans into action.

Lungs made of flowers and plants

We designed a pair of lungs; a very powerful image in relation to the respiratory complaints that are caused by corona. Subsequently, we gathered a team in no time. People from the communication, media and artist world joined #flowers4oxygen. Growers, traders and carriers selflessly agreed to cooperate, for which we are very grateful. Famous Dutch flower park Keukenhof made its parking space available. Within only a few days we built a huge flower and plant artwork in the shape of lungs.

Just one second time to pose. And then back to work.
Enjoy through social media

With a small team we worked hard to build the artwork, taking all safety measures into account. During construction, the lungs were gradually filled with flowers, bedding flowers and plants. A process that symbolizes the ability to breathe again. Now that it is ready, people can enjoy the result via the internet and social media. Hopefully, our mega-sized lung will generate an enormous energy that will burst out and will be felt by many people.

sarah-dikker-sending-the-world-positive-energy Managing the people who are building the artwotk at Keukenhof
Share your initiative via #flowers4oxygen

Doing something for – locally and even worldwide – floriculture through this project gives me strength and something to hold on to. With this artwork I want to inspire people: don’t stay in your chair but do something, it will give you energy! We call on people worldwide to use and leverage their creativity by sharing their initiatives online under the hashtag #flowers4oxygen. Together we are able sending the world positive energy! 

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Sarah Dikker

Sarah Dikker is a passionate master florist from Utrecht. Since 2009 she has become a leading phenomenon in the flower and plant sector. At home and abroad she inspires companies and organizations with her creative and innovative concepts in the field of interior and lifestyle. All Sarah Dikker's projects and concepts are inextricably linked to flowers and plants. Sarah: "Flowers and plants are so much more than beautiful bouquets. They tell a story with emotion, brighten lives, and offer unprecedented possibilities in countless areas."



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