Surfing on Different Styles With Rose Red Tacazzi+

The surprising color of this rose allows us to go from baroque to contemporary while passing through romanticism.

By: GAÉTAN JACQUET | 10-11-2021 | 3 min read
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Have you already noticed this special raspberry red rose Red Tacazzi+ from breeder Dümmen Orange? This unclassifiable and surprising color opens a new window into working with roses.

Baroque to Contemporary to Romanticism

Red Tacazzi+ has a very particular character, given by the very turbinate shape of its button, which gives it a somewhat retro character. This surprising color allows us to surf on very different styles, from baroque to contemporary while passing through romanticism. I particularly like working with her on Baroque-style compositions.


Surfing on Different Styles With Rose Red Tacazzi+ quote


Red Tacazzi+ Is The Perfect Ally of Autumn

Its very delicious raspberry red is the perfect ally of autumn fruits, blackberries, viburnum, ... A generous work of fall foliage also suits her particularly well. Next to that Red Tacazzi+ goes wonderfully well with raw or noble materials, and it also works very well with gold and bronze, which only accentuates its baroque side. When I worked with dark colors, the almost crimson color of this rose remains very luminous and adds a sparkle to my compositions. I also use it very often in association with pastel colors which allows me to wake up my compositions without ever darkening them. I particularly like it in large armfuls of roses or paired with timeless peonies.  

  It also does well during the holiday season. With a color that is neither red nor pink, it is an excellent alternative to the traditional red that the whole world is snapping up during the holidays. I'm talking about the Red Tacazzi+ rose, but tacazzi roses exist in many other shades: buttermilk, pastel pink, fuchsia, peach, ... They all have this little detail in their colors that make them unique.   Surfing on Different Styles With Rose Red Tacazzi+

Exceptional Performance

I haven't told you about its exceptional performance yet. Despite the fact that Red Tacazzi+ only opens very little, it stays fresh and upright in the vase for many days. Its foliage is also noteworthy, a dark and powerful green; this rose remains in remarkable condition until the end of the flower bud's life. This gives it the advantage of replacing an addition of foliage when selling a simple armful of roses. I also want to highlight a significant detail. It’s the virtual absence of thorns and it’s very pleasant in times of rush. What time saved in cleaning!!! Not to mention the pain! And to finish on a more economical note, its price fluctuates slightly on the international market but still remains affordable. It is available in many sizes and calibers which allows me to juggle; Short ones for making arrangements and large ones to put in vases.  

A Must-Have in My Sales

It is for all these qualities that I have made it a must-have in my sales. I use it very often in special events but also for my clients with regular flower subscription deliveries because its consistency of quality and its impeccable performance allows me to be quiet for ten days with my professional clients who do not have time to take care of their periodic flowers. You will have understood by now: I LOVE this rose as well as the other Tacazzi+ roses !!! And of course, I would like to thank the rose grower Holla Roses, the Dutch wholesaler Kariflex, my SODIF Châtenoy-en-Bresse supplier who works to select his producers. But also my Jocaflor material supplier.

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