The Russian Bridal Season Kicks Off With Chrysanthemums

Russian girls confess their love for chrysanthemums and ask florists to collect from them the most important bouquet in their lives - a wedding bouquet.

By: NATASJA MIRONOVA | 26-01-2022 | 4 min read
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It is clear for every Russian floral designer: Chrysanthemums are hot right now. Everywhere in the world, the popularity of this flower is growing. So when the Russian Bridal Season kicks off, it's no surprise that chrysanthemums are in the spotlight.

The Russian Bridal Season Kicks Off

January 22 was the first edition of a new bridal fair Wedding Guide Expo in St. Petersburg. Dutch chrysanthemums played a major role at this fair. St. Petersburg is a favorite city for couples getting married. When the wedding season starts again in May, the city founded by Tsar Peter the Great will present itself again as the wedding center of Russia.


The Russian Bridal Season Kicks Off on Thursd


Grooms from all over the country come to St. Petersburg to have their wedding in a romantic setting. What could be more beautiful than having such a beautiful day decorated with a multitude of colorful chrysanthemums, an all-time favorite in Russia that still gains popularity?

Chrysanthemum as a Bridal Flower

At the bridal fair in St. Petersburg, Russian florists showed inspiring ideas with Dutch chrysanthemums. Russian florists set to work with a versatile mix of 2,000 chrysanthemums and knowledge of bridal trends from the Netherlands. Combined with their own artistic input, beautiful creations were created, from bridal bouquets to the decoration of the wedding day. Many visitors were thus inspired for flower arrangements for that unique day that will be their wedding day.



Inspiration for Russian Bridal Couples and Florists

Participation in the bridal fair was a success for the Dutch chrysanthemum growers and breeders, united in the Chryson Foundation. Visitors and florists present shared countless messages, photos, and videos via social media. In addition, concrete orders were placed immediately after the fair. Through the Flower Experience platform, Russian florists are becoming inspired and motivated to design beautiful bridal bouquets and decor pieces for weddings with the strong and versatile Dutch chrysanthemum.


Russian Bridal Season Chrysanthemum - on Thursd


Cooperation With Russian partners

For the promotion of flowers to Russia, it is important for the floriculture sector to be in contact with various sectors in Russia. Both economically and culturally. It is important to demonstrate the added value of cooperation and to further develop the sector concerned. Both the quality of Dutch flowers and the experience of Dutch florists with, for example, the bridal sector play a role in this. The company Sobolj with its platform Flower Experience facilitates this. In collaboration with the Russian organizers of the new bridal fair, Sobolj laid the foundation for a successful first edition and for a structural collaboration. Based on this collaboration, the market position of Dutch flowers in general and chrysanthemums in particular within the Russian wedding industry can be further developed and strengthened.


What to Pick for a Bridal Bouquet?

More and more Russian girls confess their love for chrysanthemums and ask florists to collect from them the most important bouquet in their lives - a wedding bouquet. It's hard to believe, but twenty years ago, chrysanthemums were a seasonal flower in Russia and they decorated weddings exclusively in August-September. Now luxurious chrysanthemums are available all year round, and not only the bride can feel dizzy from the variety of varieties. The richness of shades, shapes, and textures allows you to create an infinite number of arrangement options. So, what to pick for a bridal Bouquet?

Powdery, pink, pale green, lilac, and delicate cream are the most relevant colors in wedding floristry. Just let your imagination fly and create! Yes, you are doing it! Wedding floristry is always a creative union between the bride and the florist. Just as no two girls are the same, no two wedding bouquets will be the same. It always shows the individuality of the customer.

An experienced florist will assemble a bouquet that will not only be in harmony with the image of the bride. With the help of flowers, he can tell the story of lovers or create a bouquet-wish for a long and happy married life. The bride's bouquet is not only beautiful flowers and the skill of a florist. A good bouquet must withstand all the trials of a wedding celebration and keep fresh until late in the evening. Resistant chrysanthemums are not afraid of either the bright summer sun or winter frosts and are great for the Russian climate.

An Inspirational Film

Flower Experience made this short inspirational film at the bridal fair!


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