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Natasja Mironova

My motto: "The opportunities you can take advantage of go beyond national borders." Creating added value through effective communication. This results in the brands and products of my customers being optimally positioned through influencing, networking, and communication.

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How It Works More Results With the Event Multiplier With the Event Multiplier more results can be achieved from every event.
Jan 10 | 2 min read
How It Works Networking Is a Verb How contacts can help you gain new insights or provide a bridge to new contacts.
Oct 11 | 2 min read
Floral Events Looking Back and Forward to Flowers Expo Moscow The Russian exhibition will be held again this year, but things are different.
Sep 07 | 3 min read
How It Works This Is My Approach to Content Marketing Using feeling and intuition as a compass has brought me a long way.
Aug 09 | 3 min read
Floral Education Also Hotels Love Flowers! These locations are open twelve months a year, so a great opportunity to sell and show your floral creations.
Jul 05 | 6 min read
Floral Events Sobolj at Flora Expo Astana 2023 Reporting from a blooming celebration of horticulture and design in the capital of Kazakhstan.
Apr 26 | 3 min read
Floral Education How to Allow Your Floral Design and Models to Excel - Take Advantage of the Location! Connecting beautiful things, like linking haute couture to a special flower, reinforces the story I would like to tell for each of those things.
Mar 08 | 3 min read
Orchids Orchids as Haute Couture I am so lucky to be a part of the rise in popularity of one of the most amazing flowers in the world, the vanda.
Dec 07 | 6 min read
Floral Events Wearing Your Own Flower Hat at Fleuramour I witnessed that I was far from the only one who played a role in this wonderful tradition at this event in Alden Biesen Castle.
Oct 10 | 3 min read
Floral Events I Keep My Finger on the Pulse During the 2022 Moscow Floricultural Exhibition For myself and for my clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, and other countries outside Russia and Belarus.
Aug 10 | 2 min read
Wedding Flowers The Six Months Wedding Season in Russia A plethora of seminars and masterclasses on the bridal theme take place in major cities, and in addition online presentations and shows are also organized.
Jun 30 | 2 min read
How Trade in Russia Is Adapting in Special Times Communication between Russia and European countries has changed, but communication and information provided within Russia have also changed in a short time.
May 25 | 2 min read
Special Days Hope Springs Eternal International Women's Day as a bright spot in dark times. Let's cherish hope during these terrible events.
Feb 28 | 2 min read
Wedding Flowers The Russian Bridal Season Kicks Off With Chrysanthemums Russian girls confess their love for chrysanthemums and ask florists to collect from them the most important bouquet in their lives - a wedding bouquet.
Jan 26 | 4 min read
Chrysanthemums Trends From Different Worlds Meet in St. Petersburg at the 2021 ADD Awards Russian professional designers were surprised that trends also exist in the flower sector and that they are also being developed in a targeted manner.
Dec 28 | 3 min read
Chrysanthemums Three Times Is a Charm for Flower Festival Saint Petersburg After several postponements, this traditional Russian floricultural event took to the streets of this Russian metropole.
Oct 02 | 3 min read
How Chrysanthemums Color an Orphanage in Russia To involve the children in working with and enjoying flowers
Sep 14 | 2 min read
Pizza Bouquets for Russia's 1st School Day Children inspire these colorful floristic concepts
Aug 23 | 3 min read
The Beauty of Hydrangea in a Classic Russian Decor Watch its grace, beauty, and exuberance in this Russian manor
May 25 | 3 min read
Renaissance of Flower Arrangements for Russian Orthodox Easter Dutch chrysanthemums in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg
May 11 | 4 min read
Russians Prefer White Chrysanthemums What makes these flowers popular for years already?
Mar 31 | 2 min read
Special Days Another Busy Day for Russian Florists This Year! Important holiday after a cold and dark winter
Feb 25 | 3 min read
Chrysanthemums The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival 210,000 people saw Pina Colada at the parade
Nov 11 | 2 min read

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