This Difficult Year Is a Risk of a Step Back on Sustainability

Therefore, spread organic products across our industry

By: FLORITY FAIR | 25-11-2020 | 2 min read

A Year of Other Priorities

This year is difficult for a lot of people all around the world. For growers, florists, sellers, including all the floral world, sustainability is at risk to take a step back due to other priorities. Flority Fair was engaged since its beginning to spread organic products across our industry.   This Difficult Year Is a Risk of a Step Back on Sustainability by Flority Fair  

The Scorched Earth

The floral color trend for the next season 2021 is connected to a sustainable theme named Scorched Earth. The policy of Flority Fair is to sell fresh flowers to consumers directly from local growers. Seasonal bouquets or floral arrangements, reusing fresh foliages and trying to avoid foreign suppliers. The results of these choices are all in favor of a unique 100% natural product that does not suffer any transformation and reaches the consumers directly.    

Support the Local Growers

We can begin from us but everyone should be supporting the local growers also to create a circle of sustainability and avoiding the many 2020 closures suffered in Italy due to COVID-19. Flowers from our small local Italian producers are always fresh, they arrive in all its beauty with all their aromas, lasting longer than imported flowers despite the fact of having fewer pesticides help due to a very strict national regulation in terms of their use.   This Difficult Year Is a Risk of a Step Back on Sustainability by Flority Fair  

Be Responsible

Scorched Earth is a dramatic name for a color. For an important topic. Because climate change is linked to our lives and industry more than we think about this big theme. Poisoning or infertile soil is always a result of bad human activities for which we can decide to be responsible or be savers. The color palette is made with hot colors to represent this situation. The earth-burned colors move from a sunlit hue to bright orange towards a vibrant golden yellow color, that evolves in a gloomy yellow-brown-beige, symbolizing the desert. Soft greens and whites accompany the palette to freshen up the design and to hide with beauty rotten and dried elements.     The dried roses with a brown sand color represent the destroyed earth, ruined surface, and the sustainability is represented by the use of dried flowers and the different textures and the mixed colors of locally sourced flowers.   Scorched Earth Color Palette 04   -Flaminia
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Flority Fair

Roses from May to June, tulips for Valentine's Day and dahlias in September, this is FlorityFair's idea of seasonality. Giulia Giontella, an international Chilean lawyer who founded the first italian online portal of slow flowers. . The team is committed to spread flowers across Italy: Napoleon, Asiatic, has a passion for singing between deliveries: it is easy to hear him in the alleys of Rome whistling songs, preferably 1980s. Federico, roman designer, deals with the creation of bouquets and his goal is to bring gerbera back into fashion, helped by Irene, keen on crafts and DIY. The passion of flowers is the thread that unites Flority team.



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