Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business

These web design services are both innovative and cost-effective

By: SAHID NAHIM | 11-05-2021 | 3 min read

Good web design can have a great impact on a floral business and can result in everything, from optimizing rankings to increasing conversions and revenue. Because of this, the floral industry isn’t limited to innovation in products and services – it also focuses on innovation in web design.   Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business - sahid nahim blog on thursd - website design making

Web Designs That Can Grow Your Floral Business

  Check out the following floral industry innovations that can boost your floral business.  


  Innovative web designs ensure that your website is aesthetically pleasing and reduces bounce rate. The aesthetics of a website are also important because they reflect your floral business and what it represents. Consistency in colors (called comfortable colors) and branding make for a website that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also reliable and trustworthy. Things like neomorphic and three-dimensional color schemes result in innovative floral industry websites.   Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business - sahid nahim blog on thursd - tulips peony laptop flatlay   Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business - sahid nahim blog on thursd


  Another innovation in this field is the sheer number of layouts available to choose from. Not only does this differentiate your website from those of your competitors, but it also allows you to highlight the aspects of your business you want visitors to focus on. For example, florists and floral designers will want to emphasize their portfolio and beautiful photography while wholesalers want to focus on copy and price.  


  In the past, web design wasn’t sophisticated enough to be optimized for devices like mobiles and tablets. This is called responsive design and extremely important for a website’s success. Half of the global web traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes catering to this market extremely important.   Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business - sahid nahim blog on thursd - flowers


  Music has also been a great addition to website design. Flowers are known for their wonderful scent, but this cannot be emphasized through a screen. That’s why sensory marketing for websites focuses on the visual and auditory aspects of sensory marketing. Adding background music can affect mood in several ways, depending on whether you use calming music, atmospheric music, etc. Music choice can also be a part of the overall branding and help differentiate your competitors.  

Personalization and Custom Work

  This is another way to stand out from competing businesses. Whether you’re a florist, wholesaler, or grower, personalizing your website can show customers that with you, they’re getting something special. This is especially true if one of your selling points is personalization because customers can see your work in action beforehand. APIs like Bloomy Pro can be especially useful since they allow customers to design their own bouquets and be a part of the design process.     Innovative Website Designs for Boosting Your Floral Business - sahid nahim blog on thursd - laptop and flowers

Animation and Interactive Aspects

  Lastly, we would like to talk about interactive aspects and animation. Because our brains process images approximately 60,000 faster than text, visuals are necessary to capture a person’s attention. Additionally, pages with images are known to get more views, which makes them excellent for increasing website traffic. Interactive web design is also useful when trying to boost your floral business. Not only does this increase engagement, but it also results in a more meaningful user experience.  

Boost Your Floral Business Now

  To make your floral business as profitable as it can be, you need to invest in innovative website design. With so many possibilities available, New Bloom Solutions can meet your needs. No matter your location, our floral industry consultants can help you with floral website design services (Miami and more). Our web design services can help everyone in the industry, from wholesalers to those in logistics and shipping.

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With over two decades of cross-segment experience, I've witnessed the flower industry's metamorphosis first hand. From the introduction of digital commerce, social media, and venture innovation—I have a clear understanding of the limitations, and the opportunities available to the stakeholders of our markets. ​The segments of our supply chains are strictly fragmented, in ways that can at times inhibit our own growth potential. For many outsiders coming in, 'disrupting' our long-standing processes seems almost too easy. However, New Bloom was founded on a firm belief that it is those that best understand each corner of this industry who will be most apt to transforming inefficiencies into innovation—and delivering long-term, sustainable growth.


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