10 Best Bedroom Plants to Decorate Your Room With

While these plants will purify the air in your room, they'll also be in charge of adding extra life, color, volume and brightness.

By: THURSD. | 07-04-2024 | 5 min read
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Not all plants are suitable for every corner of your house because some need more, or less light to completely thrive, or may need more watering, making them more outdoorsy plants. But this time, we're here to talk all about the best plants to decorate your room with, meaning the 10 best plants to have in your bedroom. 3,2,1, time to fill your room with these amazing bedroom plants!

10 Best Bedroom Plants Your Room Needs Today

Bedroom plants can do more than just elevate the appearance of your shelves or desks. They're here to embellish every corner of your bedroom while adding more light, color, and overall brightness to any space you choose. Remember plants have the magical power of boosting your mood, enhancing your creativity, reducing your stress levels, increasing your productivity, naturally filtering air pollutants, and many other benefits. Here's a compilation of the top 10 choices of the best bedroom plants you need ASAP.

1. Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

This insanely low-maintenance plant is amongst the 10 best bedroom plants because not only has it been listed as one of NASA's top 10 air-purifying plants, but is also one of the few houseplants that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during the night. Until 2017, it was known under the synonym Sansevieria Trifasciata.

The benefit of having this bedroom plant around? It will filter indoor air during the day and night. Care tip: give your snake plant bright indirect light and water occasionally.


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2. Heart-Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron Hederaceum)

The heart-leaf philodendron is a very popular bedroom plant because it’s almost impossible to kill, making it a very long-lasting and low-maintenance plant. The plant’s heart-shaped leaves come in a variety of pleasant variations and are particularly effective at absorbing formaldehyde. However, this plant can be toxic to pets and children if eaten. Care tip: give your philodendron plant moderate to bright doses of light while watering occasionally.


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3. English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

No wonder the English Ivy is also considered one of the 10 best bedroom plants to decorate your room with. English Ivy is extremely effective at helping get rid of our air of toxins, but evidence also shows that it may be able to clear the ambiance of mold, as well as improve allergy symptoms. Care tip: this plant likes moderate light with hints of shade, and likes to be watered regularly!


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4. Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)

Similar in aesthetic to the heart leaf philodendron, the trailing pothos plant is a great bedroom plant because it is very effective at filtering out formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. Another reason why your bedroom needs this plant is that it's extremely easy to care for and grow. Care tip: make sure to give your golden pothos a regular amount of H2O every day, and place it in a spot that receives moderate light.


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Read all about Pothos here: 'Pothos Plants - Care & All There’s to Know About This Houseplant'.

5. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

The spider plant works amazing as a hanging plant and is very easy to propagate. The benefit of having this bedroom plant is its ability to purify indoor air by removing harmful chemicals. Care tip: make sure to keep these plants in bright to moderate indirect sunlight and water occasionally during initial growth. Once you’ve had the plant for about a year, water moderately.


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6. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

This low-maintenance bedroom plant has striking, bold green leaves that have an amazing function of eliminating powerful toxins from the air while purifying it. The abundant green leaves of this plant draw in large amounts of contaminants, making it excellent at cleaning indoor air. Care tip: give it moderate to low light during the day and remember to water occasionally.


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7. Gardenia 

The gardenia is a little more high maintenance than the other plants on our list, but the work is very doable. They are one of the best bedroom plants because besides blooming gorgeously scented blossoms, research has shown that they may help you relieve anxiety and get better quality sleep. Mental health benefits right here! For best results, make sure this bedroom plant is placed in bright indirect sunlight and keep the soil continuously moist.


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8. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace lilies bloom gorgeous white flowers that are perfect if you're looking to add a neutral, aesthetic color to your bedroom (in case your bedroom has white or beige tonalities). They are known to purify the air from chemicals and possible toxins, which is their positive side, but these plants are poisonous so make sure to place them somewhere that is out of reach for children and pets. Care tip: keep the soil of your peace lily moist and place it in an area of your home that gets moderate to bright indirect sunlight.


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9. Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

The areca palm is a tropical plant that will without a doubt add a lush aesthetic to any bedroom. These plants are praised for their air purifying abilities that remove harmful toxins, one of the reasons why it's one of the best 10 bedroom plants. Care tip: place your area palm in bright indirect light and water regularly.


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10. Aloe Vera

The last plant on the list of the 10 best bedroom plants is aloe vera. Did you know it releases oxygen at night making it perfect for your sleep environment? It is also one of the easiest plants to care for because you can go three weeks without watering it and it will still thrive and survive. These succulent plants are also known for their medicinal benefits, and as you may know, the juice from their leaves can be used for scrapes and burns when applied topically. Care tip: give the plant bright indirect light and remember to water occasionally.


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