10 Questions to Albert Tranquilino, Founder of Darcey Flowers

"Through hard work and dedication, I turned that dream into a reality by building Darcey Flowers."

By: THURSD. | 29-11-2023 | 7 min read
Albert Tranquilino founder of Darcey Flowers

10 questions to segment takes us through an intriguing journey of a floral enthusiast, turned founder of a business within the floral supply chain. This time, the Founder behind Darcey Flowers, Albert Tranquilino takes over this fun interview to let you know everything about Darcey Flowers. He created a business that has propelled and become a trusted brand for providing the best flower delivery in Dubai and across the UAE. They are a leading luxury flower shop in Dubai that offers same-day flower delivery all over the Emirates, with an exceptional team that is always prompt and professional in what they do.

He'll talk about who he is, his fun and challenging journey in the flower industry, and everything that his job entails, as well as her overall view of the flower industry and the impact they've had on his life.

Question 1

For those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

"My name is Albert Tranquilino, and I am the founder and CEO of Darcey Flowers, which is a leading floral company based in the UAE. My journey started in a small town in the Philippines where I worked at a local funeral and flower shop when I was just 12 years old, and that's where my dream of owning a floral business began.

Through hard work and dedication, I turned that dream into a reality by building Darcey Flowers. Today, my main focus is on steering the company's vision and building a team that is passionate about creating beautiful flower arrangements that convey joy beyond flowers. My family's unending support has always been a driving force behind my success, inspiring me every step of the way."



Founder of Darcey Flowrers Albert Tranquilino
Founder Albert Tranquilino of Darcey Flowers, a very successful flower shop in Dubai


Question 2

What is so special about your job?

"As a founder and CEO, my role is a perfect blend of strategic planning and my deep passion for creativity. Working with flowers is truly magical, and I'm lucky enough to lead a team of talented individuals who share my love for creating stunning floral arrangements. I'm always connected to the artistry, which allows me to make decisions that truly bring joy to our customers. Seeing the happiness that our creations bring to people is truly amazing! I'm thrilled to be part of a team that spreads joy through flowers."


Albert Tranquilinos love for flowers
Along with his team at Darcey Flowers, Albert loves exploring his creativity and most of all designing with flowers that allow him to create magic


Question 3

Are there any specific challenges or obstacles you’ve faced in your job, and how did you overcome them?

"The company has faced some unexpected challenges due to the pandemic. What we've experienced has had a significant impact on the market and our supply chains. But, we've been able to navigate these uncertain times by staying adaptable, resilient, and always keeping our customers' needs in mind. Although it hasn't been easy, this period has allowed us to be innovative and strategic, which has shown us new ways to grow even during tough times."

Question 4

What are the threats in the industry, and if so, do you have any solutions for them?

"I noticed a few challenges that affect the floral industry, including things like the way the market works, vulnerabilities in the supply chain, heightened competition, and fluctuating prices. 

Collaboration is so important in the floral industry. To succeed, it's vital for suppliers and florists to work together, sharing best practices to navigate challenges and raise the bar for the whole industry. Staying flexible in your business strategies is also key because it means you can respond quickly to changes in the market and keep things fresh and exciting for your customers. And let's not forget about the planet. Making eco-friendly choices, from sourcing to disposal, is a great way to show your commitment to sustainability and cater to the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers."


Albert Tranquilino Founder and CEO of Darcey Flowers


Question 5

How has technology like e-commerce platforms or digital marketing affected your industry, which strategies have you employed to stay competitive?

"Technology, particularly e-commerce and digital marketing, has transformed the flower industry. We now have a broader reach, thanks to e-commerce platforms that make it easy for customers to order our products online. Our brand is known for crafting exquisite luxury flower arrangements for special occasions, and we leverage social media for digital marketing. Our digital marketing efforts, primarily on social media, play a pivotal role in conveying our brand message of 'Joy Beyond Flowers' encapsulating the essence of how our customers can have the power to spread Joy. By leveraging technology, we've been able to showcase the beauty and elegance of our arrangements to a broader audience, reinforcing our status as a luxury flower brand in the industry."


Albert Tranquilino with pink flowers


Question 6

Who (in or outside the floral industry) is an inspiring example to you? And Why?

"I find Jeff Leatham's work in the floral industry to be incredibly inspiring. As the Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, his innovative approach to floral design has revolutionized the industry. Leatham's success story serves as a reminder that pursuing your passions, being creative, and persevering can lead to remarkable accomplishments."

Question 7

How do you handle stress or difficult moments in your life?

"I've learned that navigating stress or difficult moments requires a balanced approach and a strong mindset. To maintain my mental strength, I make sure to take regular breaks for self-care routines like exercise, meditation, and being with my kids after a long day at work. It helps me recharge and approach challenges with renewed energy. One thing that works like magic is practicing mindfulness, which helps me stay grounded and focused. Additionally, I actively seek support and perspective from my team, collaborating with them to generate innovative solutions and reduce individual stress levels."

Question 8

What has been the best (floral or non-floral) news for you lately, or of the last year?

"It seems that more and more people are now interested in sustainable practices in the floral industry. This means that there is a growing demand for eco-friendly choices and locally sourced flowers. We are thrilled to see this shift towards sustainability and it has inspired us to take our commitment to the next level. We are exploring eco-conscious sourcing options and adopting sustainable packaging to align with our values. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for business growth and are excited to see where it takes us."


Darcey Flowers shop
Darcey Flowers shop located in Dubai, UAE


Question 9

Which is your favorite flower/plant and why is it good for you?

"I absolutely love the English Rose 'Darcey' by David Austin. It means so much to me that I even named my company after it. The way it transforms from fuchsia to a spectacular purplish hue is simply captivating and represents the beauty of transformation, which is something that resonates deeply with my personal and business journey."

Question 10

What are you doing this weekend?

"I can't wait for the weekend to arrive so I can spend time with my family at our farm. This past month has been pretty hectic, so I'm really looking forward to some quality bonding time with my kids. There's nothing better than spending a weekend with the people you love the most. It's the perfect way to unwind and recharge."


Albert from Darcey Flowers arranging flowers in his shop
Albert loves to arrange and create flower designs to express and portray his passion for the flower world


To end the 10-question segment, Albert shares how important it is to operate as a family in his business. At Darcey Flowers, they support and care about each other genuinely and believe in treating all their employees fairly just as everyone gets the same treatment in a family.

10 questions, is the perfect lens to see through the eyes of experts in the field, to learn, and to advance daily conversation and issues within the floral community. Stay tuned for more interviews to come!


Photos courtesy of Darcey Flowers.



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