Green Spine Dubai
URB to Build World’s Greenest Highway in Dubai With Solar-Powered Trams and Farms Adopting a more human-centric approach means prioritizing people and green spaces over cars. The Dubai Green Spine is at the forefront of this shift, transforming urban spaces into healthier environments.
Jul 17 | 3 min read
Amna receiving her award
UAE's First Female Farmer Has Grown Grapes, Watermelon, and More in the Desert The Abu Dhabi Awards winner exhorts everyone to farm, regardless of the size of their land. She has one of the UAE’s leading organic farms and has taught generations of Emiratis how to farm.
Albert Tranquilino
10 Questions to Albert Tranquilino, Founder of Darcey Flowers "Through hard work and dedication, I turned that dream into a reality by building Darcey Flowers."
Nov 29 | 7 min read
The Exquisite Flower Shops of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Dunes and Blooms - Explore These 15 Flower Shops in the UAE In the Emirates, the art of floral arrangements is taken to new heights by a number of outstanding flower shops.
Black Tulip Group Flowers
Middle East’s Premier Flower Firm Makes Inroads in the Global Floral Scene With a passion for flowers and a love for nature, Black Tulip Group says its mission is to grow flowers in an environment-friendly way and help the local economies to progress.
Cut Flowers Flowers
May 31 | 5 min read

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