10 Stunning Christmas Trees Around The World

These trees are festive and fancy

By: THURSD. | 06-12-2019 | 2 min read
So evergreen, amazingly tall and sparkly! These are all exclamations worthy of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. The decades-long Christmas tree lighting ceremony in almost every hometown of the world draws in millions of people. Here are the most beautiful Christmas trees around the world.

1. The Lanesborough - London Best voted hotel in London, may also have this year's best Christmas tree.

2. Akropolis shopping center - Lithuania This tree has an indefinite amount of festive and cozy decorations.

3. Rockefeller Center - New York When it comes to Christmas decorations, you just can’t beat New York City. Perhaps the most famous Christmas tree in the world, the Norway spruce at Rockefeller Center usually has a height between 70 to 100 feet!

4.  Annabel’s - London Well, tree may not be the exact word, since this is more of a triangle. Still, you can’t deny that Annabel’s new Christmas decoration isn’t eye-catching.

5. Galeries Lafayette - Paris Galeries Lafayette, the department store that never sleeps, always has a different christmas tree theme to surprise and delight shoppers. This year’s theme is “Christmas beehive” so the tree is crowned with a queen bee turned angel, filled with flower-shaped ornaments, and has a dramatic light show every half hour.

6. Claridge's - London Capturing the glamour, romance and timeless traditions of Christmas, Claridge's 10th anniversary tree is the work of legendary designer - Christian Louboutin.

7.  30 Avenue Montaigne - Paris In the approach to the holiday season, the facade of 30 Avenue Montaigne, from sidewalk to eaves, will be lit up and adorned with an immense and luxuriant Christmas topped with Christian Dior’s beloved lucky star.

8. Kempinski Hotel Bahia - Spain The tree, at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, is worth £11.9 million! The baubles are all handmade. We're not talking papier-mâché or tin foil though, but diamond dust and 24-carat g

9. Beverly Center - Los Angeles A beautiful sights to see, the huge silver Christmas tree at the Beverly Center is truly mesmerizing.

10. Gothia Towers - Sweden This gold spinning tree showcases the most beautiful ornaments that are at the top of our wishlist!


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