Anne Vitchen, the “Lady of Flowers” Takes Over the DAAily bar in Milan Design Week

Seeing big and small installments filled with flowers is becoming extremely popular nowadays.

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Anne Vitchen Lady of Flowers header on Thursd

Floral installations are becoming a boom in the flower world, and the one you're about to see in-depth, created by the skilled floral designer, Anne Vitchen, aka the "Lady of Flowers" will blow your flower expectations. The floral invasion took place in the DAAily bar in Milan so keep reading to know more.

Anne Vitchen - The 'Lady of Flowers' Invades DAAily Bar With a Stunning Floral Installment

The Milan Design Week 2022 was the perfect venue for Anne Vitchen, the Lady of Flowers to place one of her most precious floral installments to the date. The captivating floral exhibit showcased botanical flowers at the DAAily Bar in Milan, giving people who passed by, the opportunity to immerse into the power spectrum of the presence of flowers.


DAAily Bar floral installment by the lady of flowers Anne Vitchen on Thursd


The setting is engulfed in pleasant plant smells and rich in color, captivating the audience's attention and directing it towards Anne Vitchen, Lady of Flowers' poetic flowery cosmos.

Flowers That Enchant a Beautiful Setting

With an extensive love and passion that has grown since opening her first shop in Paris in 1998, Anne Vitchen, the Lady of Flowers has become an actual pro when handling and creating flower installments. She makes sure to choose spots that have a unique vibe to them, in which flowers will both beautify the space, and create a feeling of coziness by just their presence alone.


Anne Vitchen lady of flowers giving a talk at DAAily bar on Thursd


Locally grown flowers take over the area, bursting into bloom between the exhibits and establishing an enchanting setting for the discussions. In the DAAily Bar's flower installment, these flowers stand out for their unapologetic colors.

Anne Vitchen’s Inspiration to Become the Renown “Lady of Flowers”

Guided by her unforced passion and imaginative eye, after her devoted spouse went away, she got the idea that she needed to take care of herself. She, therefore, worked with flowers as she followed her passion.


Anne Vitchen also known as the lady of flowers on Thursd


She could not contain her boundless ardor and dedication to the flowers for the "bouquet" task, and it was at this point where Anne Vitchen, the Lady of Flowers started collaborating with renowned businesses, plush hotels, and museums as her enthusiasm for jewelry and fashion grew.

The Starting Point for Her Projects

The first step in every project for the Dame des Fleurs is to go there and dream in color. She wants to visualize the location's floral identity and record the site's specifics with her eyes.


Anne Vitchen lady of flowers starting point for every project on Thursd


As shared during the talk, she wouldn’t be able to do the scenography of the project without having an in-person impression. She reveals that for her, the most pleasant moment is when the bloom starts to die, defying the common view of when a flower is at its most gorgeous.

Why Is Anne Known as the “Lady of Flowers”?

Back in 2015, she was chosen to be the "Dame des Fleurs" translated as "Lady of Flowers", ​​at the Hotel Ritz Paris.


Anne Vitchen The lady of flowers on Thursd
Anne Vitchen, the Lady of Flowers


During the talk, she described it as the classiest and most beautiful hotel she's ever visited. When working for the premium destination, Anne Vitchen addressed a broad audience and successfully meets the needs of the clients, which differ in many aspects, originating from age or cultural background.


Anne Vitchen lady of flowers creates an amazing talking space at DAAily Bar on Thursd


The DAAily Bar Is Waiting for Your Visit

The DAAily bar location in Milan has an open invitation for creatives in the industry to meet, network, and get inspired. The DAAily bar is not just a meeting place, but also the perfect landmark for starting or ending your adventures during Milan Design Week besides also seeing the stupendous floral installment by the Lady of Flowers, Anne Vitchen. So, grab a coffee and get inspired by the diversity of the creative scene in Milan. 


DAAily Bar floral installment by Anne Vitchen has open invitation for anyone in Milan on Thursd


All photos: Anne Vitchen.



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