Project of the Week, Ball SB Booth Design IFTEX 2024

Here is a great opportunity for you to shine, while showcasing your incredible skill and talent with myThursd.

By: MYTHURSD. | 24-04-2024 | 2 min read
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If the mind can conceive it, then you can achieve it! With myThursd you can do literary anything, you can explore the intricacies of exquisite floral designs to engaging and demanding booth arrangement and decoration work. Advertiser on myThursd for a while now, Ball SB started their journey with a booth floral design in Miami, and the project was created and realized within myThursd platform.

Once again, they have come back to seek your services for the upcoming IFTEX 2024, they need an amazing, talented floral designer to work on their booth, by doing vase arrangement and the general booth appeal. Your favorite floral meet-up spot, where you connect and conquer the markets together and create mutually beneficial relations. Eager to learn what the project entails, read on to find out!

Ball Kenya Booth Floral Design IFTEX 2024

The build-up for the IFTEX 2024, is set for June 2nd to 3rd and the exhibition kicks off on the 4th of June until the 6th. Ball Kenya is seeking a floral designer to process their flowers and arrange them in vases.


The project of the week on myThursd


Are you keen to help Ball SB and Ball Kenya bring their ideas to life? Curating bespoke designs without losing touch with their corporate identity? Pitch on this project today for an opportunity to do impactful work, that will help Ball SB gain significant traction and business during the show.

There Is Something for You on myThursd

Whether you would like to showcase your floral design, photography, videography, and influencing skills, there is something for you within the platform. Do not be left out, stay plugged in, and keep checking consistently for interesting projects that you can pitch on.


 Ball SB's booth design, IFTEX 2023


With myThursd, you will be involved in meaningful work, helping advertisers solve their needs, create value, and in the process develop long-lasting relations with them, which will eventually come in handy when you need it! myThursd belongs to you, both as an advertiser and a creative, to connect, collaborate, and thrive in ways unimaginable.




Pitch on Ball SB's project today and get ready to unleash the creative genius within you, elevating the look and feel of their booth during the IFTEX 2024 exhibition. Remember this project is limited to floral designers who have travel plans to Kenya before the show kicks off!

Happy pitching on myThursd!


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