IFTEX Is About Showcasing Excellence in the Flower Industry

Through the exhibition, HPP offers a tool for keeping up to date with the current developments in Kenya's floriculture.

By: THURSD. | 06-03-2024 | 7 min read
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HPP Exhibitions CEO Dick Van Raamsdonk Promises Flower Industry’s Excellence on Display at IFTEX

Every year, HPP Exhibitions, a renowned event organizer globally known for its brilliantly executed exhibitions that focus on horticulture, the flower industry, and floristry, hosts a key cut-flower event in Kenya. The International Floriculture Trade Expo — commonly known by its acronym IFTEX — presents a key gathering point for the global flower trade.

IFTEX, according to Dick van Raamsdonk, the CEO of HPP Exhibitions, offers a platform for highlighting Kenya's role as a key player in the global flower industry. Its benefits, he says, are innumerable, not just for the flower industry as a whole, but also for individual attendees of the event which usually takes place in June. Here’s what you need to know about this key occasion.

A Platform for Global Flower Trade Showcasing Kenya’s Dominance in the Industry

IFTEX, organized by HPP Exhibitions, is just one of the many such events that this planner holds every year across the world. In fact, according to Dick, his organization has managed to hold such horticulture and flower industry events, practically, all over the world, with attendees coming from just about everywhere on the planet.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
Dick van Raamsdonk, the CEO of HPP Exhibitions, the organizers of IFTEX.


Established in 1984, HPP Worldwide has forty years of experience in organizing trade exhibitions all over the world. It has organized more than 180 exhibitions in 35 countries. The organization’s vast experience, according to Dick, makes it a pioneer in the trade.

Dick van Raamsdonk:

“Over those years, we’ve been to almost every country where there is interest in the flower trade. We tend to go to countries that have flower-producing and marketing interests and potential. And Kenya is one of these countries; after all, it is among the top cut-flower producers in the world. This is why IFTEX is such a key event in its flower industry calendar.”


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
United Selections CEO Jelle Posthumus (left) with guests at the 2023 IFTEX.


Kenya, according to him, has emerged as a formidable player in the global flower industry, particularly for exports to Europe and other countries. The country offers a diverse range of high-quality flowers, and its proximity to these markets allows for a host of benefits including reduced transportation costs and enhanced freshness. 

Essentially, this three-day event serves as an important platform for showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the floriculture industry. It presents an opportunity for both local and international breeders and growers to meet and network.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
Regine Motmans (left) from Thursd and staff from Black Tulip Group at their stand at the 2023 IFTEX



“Through IFTEX, we are in a constant process of making people know about Kenyan flowers and that they are available. Such exhibitions are important in that they present an opportunity for a ‘physical touch’ with the floral products.”

In view of that, Kenyan growers have successfully expanded their assortment to include a wide variety of flowers, meeting the growing demand from international buyers. This has positioned the country as a key player in the global flower trade and perhaps, the best place to invest in flowers, all of which make IFTEX a crucial event for all flower industry professionals.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
Many different exhibitors showcased their varied floral delights during the 2023 IFTEX, like rose breeder Interplant


The Benefits of (Physically) Attending IFTEX

Why, one may ask, would one attend this event? After all, with the advent of technology, it is virtually possible to follow the proceedings of any such event virtually, and from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of being physically present at IFTEX are numerous.

Dick notes that IFTEX provides a unique platform to connect with industry experts, growers, suppliers, and buyers from across the globe. The occasion facilitates valuable networking opportunities, nurturing collaboration opportunities, and forging long-lasting business relationships. And all these are achieved with an immediacy.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
Sian Flowers' stand at IFTEX 2023. The platform presents an opportunity for physical engagements and networking.


The floral showcase brings all the latest innovation trends, technologies, and practices in the floriculture industry in one place. Attendees can explore cutting-edge solutions, from cultivation techniques to packaging and logistics, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and enhance their businesses. And the catch is that one can interact and engage with the industry players on a one-on-one basis.

IFTEX, similarly, offers a comprehensive overview of the global flower market in that attendees gain valuable insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging opportunities. This awareness allows businesses to make informed decisions, adapt their strategies, and capitalize on market demands.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
Visitors and exhibitors sample floral products at the previous IFTEX


Also, exhibitors at the floral showcase get the opportunity to display their products and services to a diverse audience. This exposure can lead to increased visibility, brand recognition, and potential business partnerships. Buyers can explore a wide range of flowers, plants, and horticultural products, enabling them to source directly from trusted suppliers.

Even more than that, IFTEX often features educational get-togethers and workshops conducted by industry experts. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including sustainable practices, market intelligence, and advancements in floriculture. Attendees, in turn, gain valuable knowledge and insights that can be applied to their own businesses.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
A view of a section of the interactive activities during the 2023 IFTEX.


IFTEX 2024 Is Expected to Be Even Bigger and Better

The 2024 IFTEX, Dick says, is expected to be bigger and even better compared to previous ones. This is buoyed by the fact that the exhibitions are on an ever-upward trend. Expectations, according to him, are that there will be high attendance as people now realize the benefits of physically attending the event and having a firsthand feel and experience of all that happens in the flower industry.

The previous IFTEX (2023) had roughly 165 exhibitors and thousands of walk-in visitors and attendees. But this year, the numbers are expected to be more than that as, just like previously noted, many people now seek to find out all the basics and intricacies of the flower industry.


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
IFTEX usually features interactive and networking sessions for attendees.


The number of confirmed participants currently, is edging towards that of those who participated in last year's event. And with the event still some months away, more visitors and exhibitors are confirming their participation.


“Everyone enthusiastic about flowers and anyone who could buy flowers will definitely, be at this gathering. This shows just how much the industry needs such an event. After all, in an increasingly digital age, nothing can replace the power of human contact for establishing and maintaining business relations.”


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
Breeders and growers have an opportunity to sample each others' floral products during the flower fair.


One of the key objectives of the fair since its start back in 2012, is to encourage smaller growers to participate. These include growers who do not (yet) export. And with close to 160 confirmed exhibitors to date (for the 2024 event) including 65 flower growers, it looks more and more like this goal is being achieved.

In anticipation of the growing interest, Dick says the organizers are also expanding the showcase area to accommodate all participants. Such include smallholder flower growers, who Dick says, are afforded an opportunity to participate free of charge. 


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
A floral fair that presents an opportunity for guests to engage with exhibitors one-on-one.


This is intended to encourage them to partake even more in the flower trade, as IFTEX strives to promote small growers of flowers. To succeed, he notes, the industry needs these small growers, just as much as it needs the bigger growers. The more the growers, the better it is for the industry!

HPP Exhibitions:

"The list of pre-registered international flower buyers is showing steady growth, indicating that another busy edition of IFTEX can be expected. IFTEX therefore proves to be a premier platform tailored for the international cut flower industry, promoting direct connections from farm to shelf."


IFTEX Showcases Excellence in the Flower Industry
IFTEX nurtures an environment to celebrate flowers.


You can, therefore, mark your calendars for the next IFTEX, scheduled from Tuesday to Thursday, June 4-6, 2024. The experience will, definitely, be worth it.


Photos courtesy of HPP Exhibitions.


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