Benefits of Using IoT in Crop Field: How AI Helps With the Efficiency

By: THURSD | 26-07-2022 | 5 min read

Agriculture is quickly changing to adopt new farming methods to increase crop yields and overall efficiency. Embracing the positive changes in farming allows you to contribute significantly to food security while reducing the hands-on work required. 

One of the incredible changes we are experiencing is the use of AI in crop fields. Particularly IoT, which stands for “Internet of Things”. We are currently all connected to the internet, and the fact that you can read this post is proof enough. 

IoT refers to the ability of different devices connecting to the internet aiming to gather and share information. The best part is that all this is done over a wireless connection and does not require human intervention. 

IoT is an excellent resource in the farming industry, especially the grain-flour-bread chain. Processes are streamlined to make the journey from grains to bread in stores more efficient. Using AI in your crop field will expose you to some fantastic benefits, which include;


Accuracy in Data Collection

Data collection is an essential aspect in farming that informs you on how your farming initiative is going. The information gathered helps you gauge your results to analyze better what changes you should make if any. The use of artificial intelligence comes in handy to help make data collection in your crop field easier and effortless be it used for vertical farming, hydroponics, or gathering data from the crop field. 

You can use smart sensors to gather accurate data in your grain field. These sensors help you keep track of your sowing and harvesting data to ensure that your farming efforts yield the desired results. With the correct data from your crop field, you’ll take time to refine your farming to help you get better results. 

Predictive Crop  Health

As you prepare your land for sowing, the hope is always to have a bountiful and healthy harvest down the line. Unfortunately, however, you’ll have some crops that will present health issues in some cases. 

These issues may result from pest infestation or other aspects that affect crops. Without technology, you’ll need to monitor your crops consistently and individually check their health. However, you can eliminate this tiresome aspect of farming from your crop field. 

Investing in devices that use predictive algorithms to prevent health issues in plants is a significant step.  These devices learn and adapt to the specific needs of your crops and will identify any foreign and harmful substances. 

With such information, you can take the necessary measures to address the issue and prevent adverse effects on your crops. IoT provides a great system to take advantage of predictive crop health. 

Smart Irrigation Systems

In most farms, water usage during irrigation proves to be a challenge. You’ll find they use a lot of water during irrigation resulting in water wastage. Additionally, you may find that the crops don’t get enough water as they need to thrive. 

The problem is always that you’ll need to control the irrigation manually if you don’t use technology. With this, you’ll be the one to decide whether your crops have gotten enough water and the frequency of your watering. 

However, with IoT, you can rely on devices that use predictive algorithms to study your crop’s needs and water them efficiently. The irrigation system will be an automatic approach that does not require your intervention. 

It will take note of the weather conditions and the soil moisture to ensure that your crops stay in optimal conditions. In addition, a smart irrigation system will help you conserve a lot of water by only watering your plants when the need arises. 

Remote Monitoring of Vast Crop Fields

Drones are increasingly being used in the agricultural sector to cater to vast crop fields and reduce the tiresome manual labor. These drones come in handy when sowing seeds, adding fertilizers and monitoring the progress of your crops. 

These drones use GPS tracking and satellite imagery to monitor your crop fields effectively. Investing in drones will help you get updates on the crop’s progress, the soil levels and predict the weather to better prepare. 

If you have a grain field that extends for miles, it can be hard to keep up with its progress. With this in mind, investing in AI devices like drones for farming that can keep you updated on the progress of your crops is a great idea.

Ensuring Safe Transit

Artificial intelligence has evolved and can be applied both infield and off-field. After harvesting your grain, the next task is to transport your produce to process it to flour. The transportation of your grains is an important aspect that you should monitor closely. 

Grains are easily degradable, and if the necessary measures don’t apply, they can easily be contaminated, leaving them unusable. To avoid this, investing in AI that incorporates IoT is essential. 

The AI devices will monitor storage and transport conditions, ensuring optimal health conditions for your grains. With this, you can be sure that your grains will get to the processing plant in excellent condition. 

Food Processing Automation

Usually, many human workers are involved in different processes in a processing plant. Given the sensitivity of processing grains to flour, hygiene is critical and requires consistent monitoring. 

However, with AI-enabled processing equipment, you can be sure that the processing will continue seamlessly. As a result, automating food processing will allow for more efficiency and reduce contamination risks. 

The best devices for food processing are AI robots that can learn to carry out human tasks required in food processing. Additionally, embracing AI will ensure that all processes and equipment run smoothly. In case of any breakdowns, it will equip you to handle the specific problem effectively.

Better Packaging Solutions

Consumers are becoming more conscious about the packaging solutions brands use when selling their products. Therefore, they are more inclined to invest in products that feature environmentally-friendly packages. 

Implementing AI machines in your packaging will expose you to more efficient packaging solutions. Therefore, investing in high-quality packages for your flour or bread will help your brand stand out and attract more customers. 

AI will help ensure that your processes are more efficient and that your grains stay safe for processing and friendly packaging. In addition, relying on IoT incorporated with AI will significantly transform your crop field and yields



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