Clusia is the Perfect Hydroponic Houseplant

Set the trend with clusia from Botanicly.

By: THURSD. | 23-06-2021 | 4 min read
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You may have seen it before, large plants with their roots in a vase of water. And maybe you have already put plants in water yourself, for example when you started taking cuttings. Growing a plant in water is called hydroponics and the clusia is a plant that lends itself perfectly to this. If you know how to do it, you can grow hydroponics at home but you can also make it easier on yourself by buying a ready-to-go clusia at Botanicly.

The Beautiful Clusia as a Hydroponic Houseplant

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water. And though it might sound a little fancy, if you're a plant owner you have probably already done this before by placing cuttings from plants in water to grow new plants. That is called hydroponics too. You usually have to put your cuttings in soil with nutrients at some point in time to ensure that they continue to grow optimally, but some plants can be left in the water much better than others and do well maturing in vases. These are generally plants that naturally grow in moist places.


Clusia is the Perfect Hydroponic Houseplant Plants in Water

Why Choose the Clusia?

You can apply hydroponic methods to many different plants, but not all species will do equally well. The clusia is a plant that can tolerate water for a really long time while continuing its growth. You can keep it in water for years without the clusia becoming unhealthy or unappealing. This is because the clusia naturally grows in mangroves and is therefore perfectly adapted to a very wet environment.

Get Your Clusia Plant at Botanicly

The Clusia is also called Balsam apple. It is a simple houseplant with leaves that can grow up to 20 cm. The stem and twigs are green at first, and after a while, they turn to wood and turn brown. This plant also cleans the air very well and is easy to care for, so besides making a great houseplant, it could also be a lovely addition to your (home)office.


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Going Back to the Roots

Hydroponics is one of the latest houseplant trends. You can not only enjoy the beautiful glass-plant combination, but you can also see the roots of your plants growing from all sides. The beauty of plants is not only in the leaf canopy that you see but also in the soil, where special properties of the plant are hidden.


Clusia is the Perfect Hydroponic Houseplant Intenz The roots of plants absorb the nutrients for the plant and break down harmful substances that the plant has absorbed from out of the air through the pores of the leaves. Root growth can be just as fascinating as leaf growth and the clusia proves this. Taking care of this plant is super easy as well, making the clusia from Botanicly the perfect hydroponic houseplant to start with.

Care Tips For Hydroponic Plants

Taking care of plants in water is very simple: never put the plant itself underwater, only the roots. Also, leave the top part of the roots free of water so that they can breathe. A small layer of (tap) water, which only contains the roots, is therefore sufficient. Every two weeks, rinse the roots and put fresh water in the glass. If the water becomes cloudy after a few weeks, the glass can simply be rinsed. Furthermore, a place in the light is important, which is all these plant needs, so simple!


Thursd Feature Clusia is the Perfect Hydroponic Houseplant

Care Tips

The clusia can really survive this way for a long time, so this is not just a project that looks good for a month. But it can happen, especially in the first period, that root rot appears, because your plant still has to adapt to the new environment. You can see this in the roots that become soft and brown. If this happens, cut away the damaged roots and clean the vase. After this, you can put your plant back in clean water.

Clusia is the Perfect Hydroponic Houseplant that grows in water

Green Lifestyle

Green houseplants are currently a prominent part of a lifestyle that revolves around nature and health. Hydroponics fits perfectly in this green revolution because it also shows how a plant lives and develops. Besides the clusia, there are many more varieties that do well in water only, such as monster, callathea, philodendron, and sansevieria. In our article Hydroponics – Indoor Plants Doing Great in Water Only you can read more about various plants that are suitable as a hydroponic and learn how to do it yourself but you can also skip this process and get your beautiful, ready-to-be-enjoyed hydroponic clusia right here. Clusia is the Perfect Hydroponic Houseplant buy at Botanicly Button-Buy


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