Here Are 10 Plant Podcasts You Should be Listening to in 2024

These plant podcasts are spilling all the news, do's and don'ts as well as tips to thrive in the horticulture industry.

By: THURSD. | 29-05-2024 | 7 min read
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Top Plant Podcasts

Podcasts are the perfect way of adding educational content any day of your life because all you have to do is open your Podcast App and have educational content in your hands. But wait, not any podcast... of course, listening to plant podcasts will become your favorite time of the day, especially if you're a plant fan. They are a go-to option for all podcast advocates who love listening to a daily episode to add a spark of happiness, curiosity, and peace to your day. Here's a list of the 10 best plant podcasts you should listen to in 2024! 

Top 10 Plant Podcast Favorites You Should Be Listening to in 2024

Plants are our home on this planet. They can instantly make us feel more connected with every aspect of the world and environment, making us feel more at home, one plant at a time. Here are 10 plant podcasts that offer fascinating perspectives to those who want to take the time to submerge a little deeper into the plant world and educate themselves.


Plant podcasts to be listening to


1. On The Ledge by Jane Perrone

Created in 2017 and hosted by Jane Perrone, this plant podcast advises listeners on how to improve their plant-growing skills, while learning how to deal with pest infestations. Perrone loves having horticulturists and enjoys exposing doses of insightful, yet fun DIY project discussions. If you want your plants to thrive and not only survive, this is one of the top 10 podcasts you should be listening to in 2024. Available on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Web Player.



2. In Defense of Plants Podcast

Classified in the list of the top plant-based podcasts you should be listening to this year is Matt Candeias's In Defense of Plants podcast, one that makes sure to focus on nature's conservation and ways in which you can care better for the planet. Not only does he give methods and options for how you can care for plants you have at home or in your garden, but for all of nature and the environment. During his insightful episodes, Matt's passion for the plants all around us and the entire earth, in general, can be felt by just listening to all the educational content he has to share. Available on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Web Player.



3. Epic Gardening 

In need of daily tips and advice to improve your plant or gardening skills? The Epic Gardening podcast is for you! You'll receive a daily dose of plant-growing tips for all skill levels. Hosted by Kevin Espiritu, this plant podcast expresses high-quality content that is well-researched, entertaining, and best of all, has very easy-to-follow tips on a wide variety of horticulture topics. Available on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Web Player.



4. Plant Daddy Podcast

If you're looking to be the first to know about the current houseplant trends and techniques to improve your indoor and outdoor garden spaces the Plant Daddy Podcast is the right one for you. Included in the best plant podcasts for 2024 you should be listening to, it will help you understand difficult topics in the horticulture industry while enjoying the company of highly respected guests talking all about plant care. Available on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and WebPlayer.

Matthew and Stephen are hosting their podcast to share growing techniques and methods, new and unusual plants, or the background and history of familiar ones.



5. Plantrama

Plantrama is one of the 10 plant podcasts you should be listening to. Why? You’ll find strategies for seasonal care for your vegetable garden that include proper feralization techniques to winterize your outdoor green space for improved sustainability and longevity. Hosted by plant lovers Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari, go ahead and take this podcast on a walk, run, or whatever you're doing during the day! Available on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Web Player.



6. Propagated Podcast

A plant-filled podcast hosted by two nerdy friends, Daniel and Frankie who are two plant-loving friends that want to share their passion with the world. They enthusiastically share their very favorite guessed it, plants! The Propagated Podcast includes everything plant adjacent, such as booze, blights, poisons, lawns, and so much more. Join them on this journey to root!


Quote propagated plant podcast

Daniel and Frankie believe plants are fun, and anyone can (and should) learn the language of plants with the right ones for their care style. They also believe the path to a sustainable future includes learning about the history between humans and plants (and accounting for that history with environmental justice). Plants are incredible storytellers, with the most incredible stories to tell, so Daniel and Frankie started this plant podcast to tell them from an accessible and inclusive point of view. Available on the Propagated Podcast Web Player.


7. Growing Joy With Maria Podcast

Growing Joy with Maria was formerly known as Bloom & Grow Radio. Learn to care for plants successfully and cultivate more joy in your life by listening to this podcast. Ever killed a houseplant before? Host Maria Failla can relate. That’s why she interviews planty experts to get answers to the plant care questions we all have but might be nervous to ask. Like what the heck is bright indirect light? What are soil and the potting mix made up of? Or what is the best way to water my plants?

Maria shares:

"After killing plants for too many years, I started the bloom and grow radio podcast, where I interview experts in plant care, and learn alongside listeners Just like you.I’m relentlessly curious and committed to asking the questions. Many might be nervous to ask - whether grilling scientists about the basics of photosynthesis, or asking a world renowned gardener what mulch is (Yes, I did that)."

Tune in to stop killing your plants, learn how to get them to thrive, and most importantly, how plants can help us grow a little more joy in our lives while we “Keep Blooming and Keep Growing”! Available on Apple Podcasts and Web Player.



8. The Happy Botanist

Get ready to join host Allasandra Valdez, the happy botanist herself and owner of The Happy Botanist. Grab your magnifying glass and roll up your sleeves! In her podcast she is your guide through this magical forest of botanical knowledge, holding a handful of plants in one hand and nearly ten years of ecological training in the other. Prepare to be surprised as you explore the peculiar, endearing, and fascinating world of plants. Think of this as your chance to embrace your inner botanist and spread your unbridled passion for our green friends. Available on Spotify and Apple.



9. Branch Out

Discover the surprising world of plants with science and stories from Australia's oldest scientific institution. Whether it’s investigating plant intelligence, solving crimes, or sending seeds to space, prepare to be amazed by the power of plants. In each episode of Branch Out, you’ll join host and producer, Vanessa Fuchs, to uncover fascinating stories about plants and the cutting-edge science and horticulture that goes into saving them. It's one of the 10 plant podcasts to be listening to in 2024. Find all episodes on Spotify and Apple.



10. The Garden Log

The Garden Log is an award-winning podcast from Ben Dark, Head Gardener at an English country estate. Episodes begin with a review of events in the flowerbeds, meadows, and woodland, before moving on to discuss horticultural matters more generally. Ben is an ever-curious host who does not take himself, his job, or gardening too seriously. A half-hour spent in his company is a half-hour spent far away from the concerns of modern life. Listen to all his episodes on Apple Podcasts today to learn more about the world of plants and greenery.



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