The Top 10 Flower Podcasts You Must Follow

Listen to advice, insider knowledge, and fun tips on everything floral on these amazing flower podcasts available on every online platform.

By: THURSD. | 17-01-2024 | 5 min read
Top 10 flower podcasts

It seemed only a few years ago that in the future every relative person would have their own blog. But nowadays, we can definitely also speak of an audio renaissance. A what? It's been 'the talk of the town': the rise of the podcast and now more than ever, podcasts are one of the most important and educational ways to get to your target audience. Listening to a podcast per day can and will change your day completely and give it a 360 shift because of the amount of valuable and extremely insightful information found on every episode. On this occasion, these 10 flower podcasts are here to please your floral life and elevate it.

10 Flower Podcasts to Follow

In our fast-performance society, a podcast is an ideal tool to get your daily dose of entertainment, be educated by one of the people you are inspired by, and get some work done in the meantime. But where to begin in the overwhelmingness of the podcast explosion that's been going on for a few years now? This list of top 10 flower podcasts will lead you through some of the most popular podcasts available online.

There are podcasts from conversations from florists with florists to keep you company in your workspaces, in your car, in your van, with a cup of tea, or wherever you would like to listen. They'll help you as an inspirational pastime or aid you along the way on your floral journey.


The Top 10 Flower Podcasts You Must Follow


1. The Business & Pleasure of Flowers

In this flower podcast, Vonda LaFever and Lori Wilson team up to share floral advice, insider knowledge, and fun tips. Everyone loves flowers, but the floral industry presents challenges that can cause you to lose sight of the rewards. Vonda's extensive floral knowledge and experience, combined with Lori's teaching, life, and sales training expertise, will teach you what's trending in the industry and what the flower shop of the future might look like in this entertaining and informative podcast.


The business and pleasure of flowers podcast
Photo: The Business & Pleasure of Flowers on Spotify


2. The Flower Podcast

The Flower Podcast, hosted by Scott Shepherd, is a podcast for the floral community to discuss flowers, trends, and business topics among many others. Scott Shepherd speaks with trendsetters, floral creatives, photographers, and growers. All things floral is the main thrust of Scott Shepherds ‘The Flower Podcast’.


The Flower Podcast flower logo
Photo: The Flower Podcast


3. Debra Prinzing - Slow Flowers Podcast

Slow Flowers is a podcast about the anti-mass-market, artisanal approach to celebrations, festivities, and floral gifts of love. Its mission is to promote American-grown flowers, to make it easy for flower consumers to connect with florists, shops, studios, and farms that provide American-grown flowers, and to encourage the floral industry to use truthful and transparent country of origin labeling.


Slow Flowers podcast by Debra Prinzing
Photo: Slow Flowers Podcast


4. Bloom & Grow Radio

Bloom & Grow Radio is a weekly podcast for urban jungle dwellers, houseplant enthusiasts, and succulent killers alike. Maria Failla interviews various Plant People in the Urban Gardening community to gather houseplant care tips, stories, and lessons they've learned while caring for their plants. Each episode contains practical and spiritual tips as well as stories that empower and inspire listeners to start their own houseplant collection.


Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast
Photo: Bloom & Grow Radio


5. Team Flower

Kelly and Jesse Perry are pioneers in modern online floral education as the dynamic married couple duo behind Team Flower. Flower lovers are connected and empowered through Team Flower. Together, they are loving the world through flowers. Listen as they talk with influential florists, growers, and flower industry professionals in their Team Flower Podcast.


Team Flower Podcast Kelly Perry
Photo: Team Flower Podcast


6. Botanical Brouhaha

Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha and Maggie Bailey of Bramble & Bee interview floral industry friends, sharing their stories and discussing topics related to the flower business in this inspiring podcast called Botanical Brouhaha.


Botanical Brouhaha podcast by Natalie Gill
Photo: Botanical Brouhaha


7. The Sustainable Flowers Podcast

The Sustainable Flowers Podcast is a conversation about sustainable cut flower growing and designing between two passionate Canadian growers trying to figure it out. Heather and Clara grow cut flowers for the market on the northern edge of the Canadian Prairies. In their podcast, they discuss the issues they face and alternatives to conventional approaches that they are putting into practice or are trialing to ensure that their small-scale flower farming operations are sustainable. Looking to the past and to new technologies to learn the whys and hows, they discuss everything from peat to a floral foam, Antirrhinum to Zinnias as well as their weekly adventures on their flower farms.


The Sustainable Flowers Podcast
Photo: Podbean


8. Mornings With Mayesh

Each month, Yvonne Ashton and her flower friends get together to chat about flowers and floral design, answer your questions, discuss top social media news, and interview special guests to help keep you inspired. Mornings with Mayesh is an entertainment platform where Yvonne gets together with her flower friends to discuss what is currently happening in our flower world, what flowers you need to check out, and answer your floral-related questions - ranging from flower care, floral design, flower business, and marketing.


Mornings with Mayesh Podcast
Photo: Mornings With Mayesh Podcast


9. The Flowerlounge With Katie Hess

Enjoy a fun mix of interviews and fireside chats with wild creatives, wisdom keepers, innovative entrepreneurs, and other sublime world change-makers, to help you experience life in full bloom. In the Flowerlounge Podcast, you'll be able to hear Katie Hess in conversation with wildly creative people and talk about a little plant-loving wisdom, to help you live life in full flourishment.


Flowerlounge podcast with Katie Hess
Photo: Lotuswei


10. Viva La Flora Live

Although admittedly a relatively new podcast to many, people have quickly become fans of the Viva La Floral Live podcast. Hosted by the lovely Anahit Hakobyan, the podcast has a warm, conversational tone that she sets for each and every one of her guests. The lineup of guests spans industry leaders worldwide too - not one to miss. She contributed to her podcast with Joseph Massie a floral artist, educator, writer, and broadcaster, who before he turned twenty-five, had won five RHS Chelsea Flower Show gold medals.


Viva la Flora Live Podcast
Photo: Viva La Flora Designs


What other flower podcasts do you think should make it into this list? There's not only a list of the top 10 flower podcasts... there's a full guide on the best plant podcasts you can listen to today as well.



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