Craspedia a.ka. Billy Balls, Billy Buttons, or Woollyheads

From big and bold looks to a soft whisper of something captivating, a wonderful way to add just the right aesthetic to your floral arrangements.

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Craspedia a.k.a Billy Balls

Craspedia is a genus of flowering plants in the Asteraceae plant family; commonly known as billy buttons and woolly heads. They are native to Australia and New Zealand where they grow in a variety of habitats from sea level to the Alps. The genus is found in every state of Australia except the Northern Territory. In New Zealand, craspedia is found from East Cape on the North Island south to Stewart Island. It also occurs on Campbell Island and the Chatham Islands.

This beautiful flower has become a favorite among floral designers around the world, because of its popping yellow tone, adding texture and spice to any floral arrangement. What makes it unique, is it versatility? or the striking ball-like yellow flowers, which can add desirable funkiness to any floral arrangement. Read on to find out.

The Essence of Billy Balls in Floral Arrangements

Incorporating craspedia into your floral arrangement routine will be the desirable touch you did not know you needed as a designer. Their right yellow flowers, with a ball-like resemblance and impressively long stems, make billy balls an excellent addition to any flower bouquet or arrangement.


Picture by @Moss Industry Florist


craspedia brings a myriad of benefits to your floral arrangement business through its;

Unique Appearance

Characterized by its round, ball-like flowers, billy buttons resemble miniature golden pom-poms. Their distinctive appeal makes them a sought-after accessory, capable of elevating any floral arrangement and providing a focal point, that can effortlessly gain desirable attention.


Picture by @Caelum


Flexibility in Arrangements

Floral designers adore craspedia due to its flexibility, providing a myriad of options for its use and tailoring to complement and fit any floral design.

It complements a wide range of flowers and greenery, without overshadowing them but enhancing the theme of the overall arrangement. Whether used in rustic, bohemian, or contemporary designs, billy balls bring a touch of luxury and trendy flair. The color theme of any arrangement cannot stand in the way of you making the most out of craspedia, one can easily dye to any desired color, to fit into any flower bouquet or arrangement with a predefined color theme.


Yellow Craspedia Billy Balls crown by Sophie
Photo by@Sophie


Impressive Shelf Life and Prolonged Appeal

Floral arrangements rely on the longevity of the flowers used and craspedia excels in this spectrum. Billy buttons can last to up to two weeks on the vase but its shelf life can be stretched to months when dried.

Whenever used within any floral arrangement, craspedia can last longer, maintaining the same appeal and beauty beyond the involved event. When dried and its flowers plucked out of the stem, the creative possibilities Billy Balls offers are immense. From weaving, bottle art, and simple to complicated embroidery floral arrangements to festive wreaths, craspedia can easily bring your unique and trendy creativity to life.


Billy Balls
Picture by @Laura Leong


Symbolism and Meaning of Craspedia

Besides their aesthetic appeal, longevity, and creativity possibilities associated with billy buttons, these flowers carry intriguing symbolic meanings.

Billy balls are often associated with good luck, prosperity, and resilience, infusing a layer of significance and a trendy touch to any floral design. Incorporating craspedia into your floral arrangements adds the desired positivity and optimism.

How to Use Craspedia in Floral Arrangements

Billy buttons are a popular choice for floral bouquets, adding a pop of color and texture. Whether used as the focal point or a complement to other flowers, craspedia does not disappoint because it can easily transform an ordinary bouquet into a galore of positivity and elegance.

Due to the unlimited creativity possibilities Billy buttons offer, they are ideal for use in any event decor involving flowers. Whether by weaving it in or use for creating table centerpieces among other floral decorations, craspedia always stands out. In miniature floral accessories like the corsages, craspedia's unique shape and shining yellow tone can be a great addition, even as a stand-alone when paired with our flowers and greenery.


Picture by @Joyful Blooms


Whether used as a dried flower, dyed or fresh billy balls are a great filler for any floral need, pushing your creativity limits like the amazing and memorable floral designs created by the floral designer Dmitry Turcan, dubbed Labyrinth of Wishes, or the unique and contemporary DIY Woven designs achieved by using craspedia balls.

How to Grow and Propagate Craspedia

Interestingly, craspedia also referred to as billy balls can be grown in pots, gardens, and also commercially in a huge open field or garden. Unlike other flowers, billy buttons can be planted or propagated by sowing seeds and planting them in well-draining soil, either in pots or within the garden, spacing each seed at least 15 cm apart.


Picture by @Petal Production


Provision of the optimal growing conditions like frequent watering and the right soil mix with high drainage and desirable nutrients, enhances the seeds to germinate between 14-20 days. Once the seedlings are strong enough, consider transferring to designated pots or flower beds planned for initially. craspedia prefers to stay dry, so watering should be kept to a minimum, fertilizing should be done during the growing season, and in this case, liquid fertilizer is recommendable.

Billy balls are not susceptible to pests and diseases and being less thirsty can withstand drought or dry periods during the year. Harvesting of the seeds should be done during the dry season and stored in a cool and dry place awaiting the next planting season.

It is with no doubt that craspedia has become a sensation in the floral design world, with its aesthetic appeal, longevity, and symbolism. Whether used in bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, or small arrangements, billy balls can bring a cheerful and inspiring ambiance, allowing florists the opportunity to create memorable and stunning floral arrangements.


Header image by @BushFlowers.




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