Check Out These Inspiring Christmas Wedding Bouquets on Instagram

Start the most wonderful time of the year with these 10 inspiring and very colorful Christmas wedding bouquets!

By: THURSD. | 06-12-2023 | 6 min read
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Inspiring Christmas wedding bouquets

As the festive season approaches, couples seeking a wedding imbued with the spirit of Christmas often find inspiration in elegant and very festive designs showcased on Instagram. From rich reds to frosty whites, Christmas wedding bouquets can be very sophisticated and elegant. Tis' the season that is coming and tis' the holiday wedding celebrations as well.

Get Inspired By These Christmas Wedding Bouquets on Instagram

Who's an Instagram and Pinterest fan around here? As you know, these social media platforms are both great ways to find inspiration and create a mood board for any occasion you want. This time, Instagram takes over the inspo for Christmas holiday wedding bouquets and they're nothing short of stunning. Combining reds with greens and whites, along with darker burgundy tones, all of these options make the perfect and most festive wedding bouquets. If you're getting married this season, you're just in time to get a few extra ideas for your wedding bouquets.

1. Classic Reds, Whites, and Greens

Nothing says Christmas like the classic combination of rich reds, neutral whites, and deep greens. Instagram is a treasure trove of bouquets that embrace this traditional color palette with a modern twist. Imagine a bouquet featuring velvety red roses, complemented by lush greenery such as eucalyptus or pine branches. These timeless combinations express a sense of romance and warmth, making them perfect for a winter wedding.


Classic combination of whites red and greens for wedding bouquet
Photo: @theflowerfairies


2. Frosted Elegance

For a touch of winter magic, brides can turn to Instagram for inspiration on frosted bouquets. Delicate white blooms, such as peonies or ranunculus, can be adorned with white roses and the main protagonist of the bouquet: pinecones.


Christmas wedding bouquet with pinecones and greenery
Pinecones, gossypium, and even Cape Greens are present in this lovely Christmas wedding bouquet
Photo: @purestyledesign


The result is a bouquet that captures the essence of a winter wonderland while maintaining an air of understated elegance. This style is perfect for brides who envision a sophisticated and ethereal Christmas wedding.


Christmas wedding bouquet with white roses and pinecones
Another beautiful option of a very wintery-like wedding bouquet for Christmas
Photo: @summerrobbinsflowers


3. Brownish Gold and Creamy Glamour

One of the most popular Christmas wedding combinations is this one! The mix of brownish gold tones with cream and burgundy deep reds is the formula of perfection to enhance any wedding bouquet during the most wonderful time of the year. To add a touch of luxury to the Christmas wedding theme, Instagram features hundreds of inspiring bouquets that incorporate brownish-gold accents and deep burgundy hues.


Christmas wedding bouquets in tones of brown
Photo: @mcgarryweddingdesign


4. White Winter Wonderland Mixed With Blues

Instagram can be your greatest ally. Yeah, for you brides! There's just something about winter and its scenery that makes a white winter wonderland bouquet perfect as a Christmas wedding bouquet. But not only white blooms. With shades of blue round and pointy flowers and greenery to fill it up, it creates the perfect bouquet to remember forever, even more during your wedding photoshoot. This fusion looks stunning in those dark winter days. And besides, did you know that Thursd's Floral Trend Colors for 2024 are indeed bright white and sky blue? That's right! They'll be very on-trend next year.


White winter wonderland with tones of blue bouquet
Eryngiums steal the show in this bouquet by @sweetlilacsstudio


5. Delicacy Among Red and White Blooms

For couples dreaming of a Christmas wedding with pure delicacy, red roses, and white anemones pair perfectly together. They are the definition of passion but softness at the same time when combining red tones with whites. As they are the traditional Christmas colors, many brides opt for this combination because it can never go wrong. Although anemones are not commonly seen in Christmas wedding bouquets, you can see here how exquisite and dainty they look. Remember, Instagram offers plenty of inspiration for all the brides looking for Christmas wedding bouquets.


Christmas wedding bouquet with red roses and white anemones
Fine match of white ranunculus and Panda anemones with red roses by @viviano_flower_shop


6. Winter White Wonders

Rose Cream Sorbet has been spotted on Decofresh's Instagram account. This is the ideal way of combining white roses with other tiny white filler plants to complete it and make a white Christmas bombshell wedding bouquet. White wedding bouquets are very elegant and classic and they never go out of trend. If you're more of a neutral bride and love the aesthetic look of combining colors in very similar tones, this bouquet is for you!


Winter white Christmas wedding bouquet by Decofresh
A very Winter White Christmas wedding bouquet using Rose Cream Sorbet by Decofresh
Photo: @decofresh


7. Reds, Whites, Rose Hips, and Foliage

Rosehips, red roses, and foliage can add a touch of natural beauty to Christmas wedding bouquets. Instagram showcases bouquets featuring deep red berries, holly leaves, and other seasonal foliage that capture the essence of the holidays. These arrangements not only celebrate the beauty of nature but also bring a sense of authenticity to the overall wedding theme.


Red roses and rosehips for a Christmas wedding bouquet
Photo: @colorrepublicflowers


8. Christmas Calla Love

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times and seasons of the year without a doubt. Having your wedding during these festivities is even more special and extra unique because the ambiance just feels joyful and extremely happy. But having the best Christmas wedding bouquet and flowers to celebrate is also a must. Combining red callas with red carnations, white roses, and white orchids is probably one of the most divine combos for a great wedding bouquet.


Combination of red callas with white flowers
Photo: @wine_forever


9. Dark Romance

Many brides love the combination of dark colors to contrast the very white hues of the winter time, especially in places where the snow takes over. Just imagine this Christmas wedding bouquet taking over the main stage while walking down the aisle in a snowy scene. Fabulous! A 'dark romance' theme for bouquets is always a good idea during the winter season.


Dark romance xmas wedding bouquet idea
The bouquet features a mix of burgundy ranunculus and spray roses, white anemones, delicate blueberries, and the perfect shade of dusty roses with some scabiosa and soft textured greens
Photo: @thegatheringeventco


10. Helleborus Love

As you may have already heard, the helleborus flower, also known as the 'Christmas Rose', is often used and appears everywhere during the season, especially in wedding bouquets. Brides usually opt for white, dark pink, or burgundy tones of helleborus as it adds a magical touch to any bouquet. As you can see in this one, the fuse of this gorgeous Christmas flower along with dark foliage and strikes of diminutive white flowers makes a spectacular combination for the bride.


Xmas wedding bouquet using helleborus
Photo: @salsabilmorrisonphotography


Instagram serves as a limitless source of inspiration for couples planning a Christmas wedding, offering a myriad of timeless and elegant bouquet ideas. From classic reds and greens to frosted whites and rustic charm, the platform showcases the creativity of florists and brides alike. Whether you envision a traditional celebration or a modern twist on holiday glamour, the bouquets featured on Instagram provide a wealth of ideas to help couples craft the perfect floral arrangements for their timeless and elegant Christmas wedding.



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