The 411 on Rose Hips - What Are They and How Are They Used?

The beautifully red and orange-colored rose hip is the accessory fruit of the various species of rose plants. Find all about how they make floral arrangements sparkle with color in this article!

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Stop and eat the roses... or well the rose hips found in roses. Rose hips are a fantastic, colorful, and versatile option to include in flower creations as said by floral lovers, plus are also an edible component of roses, frequently used to make herbal tea, and many other things. Everything you need to know about rose hips is here.

Let’s Start with the Basics - What Are Rose Hips?

Rose hips are the seed-filled pods, also known as the rose's fruit which is an important component of a rose. They appear as tiny, reddish berries and are located beneath the rose petals (although they occasionally also appear in roses as yellow and black).


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Photo by Grow Forage Cook Ferment


Different Uses Of Rose Hips

Nature continues to amaze us, and one of those ways is by letting us enjoy the different types of uses flowers give us on a daily basis. When it comes to rose hips, you'll be encountered with a seed-filled pod that grants two sides of incredible benefits. There's the part where they're a great complement for floral designs, as well as having an edible side for the natural varieties. But let's first chat about the fascination they create in flower arrangements.




Stunning Arrangements Using Rose Hips

Many floral designers around the world are actually making rosehips a trend in their flower creations. You may be asking yourself why? Given their size and shape, many professional floral creators love working with them because it gives their bouquets and arrangements a very special, curious, and yet colorful touch.


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Photo by Flower Talk


Rose Hips Act as a Great Filler as Well

Although rose hips are rather small, the amount of volume and texture they generate in one single composition is amazing. That's why rose hips are often used as a "filler" flower in many cases, which allows them to intertwine between the beauty of the rest and create a stupendous flower arrangement. This is what makes them distinctive from other flowers.


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Photo by Etsy


If you're wanting to embark a little more on the creative side and use these marvelous seed pods, trust us, you'll thank us later. These are just some of our favorite rose hip varieties, and they can surely become yours as well!

A Few Rose Hip Varieties

There are quite a few different rose hip varieties and sizes, with these being a few of our favorites:

1. Attractive Hiphop

The name of these rose hips says it all. Their attractive orange-colored fruits are certainly an eye-catcher.


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Rosehip Attractive Hiphop. Photo by De Ruiter


2. Tender Hiphop

With a large, round fruit size, these rose hips are thornless and have a great orange color.


_Rose Hip Tender Hiphop by De Ruiteron Thursd
Rosehip Tender Hiphop. Photo by De Ruiter


3. Ladybug Hiphop

This type of rose hip features a smaller fruit size and is great to use in the kitchen. 


Ladybug Rose Hips by De Ruiter on Thursd
Rosehip Ladybug Hiphop. Photo by De Ruiter


The Edible Side of Natural Found Rose Hips

Important to know is that the rosehips you'll find in your bouquet are for decorative purposes only. Don't eat those, as they can have traces of pesticides (because of contact with other flowers).

Rose hips that you'll find in your garden are edible raw, but they are frequently used to produce herbal teas, jams, jellies, syrups, and vinegar. You should rinse and cut any leaves or steams off of fresh rose hips before using them. 


Rose hips are the edible part of roses which can be used for delicious recipes on Thursd
Photo by The Spruce Eats


From there, you must reduce them by putting them in a skillet with water and simmering them over low heat until they are soft. They're easy-peasy to make and use with your favorite cooking ingredients.


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Rose Hips Are Tasty For Recipes

Rose petals and rose hips are both appetizing. But in this article, we're giving you all the reasons why you should include rose hips in your next recipes. Roses are related to apples and crab apples, which explains why their fruits seem so much like those of those plants.


Freshly cut rose hips on Thursd
Photo by Grow Forage Cook Ferment


Rose hips are a fantastic source of vitamin C and have a slight acidity similar to crab apples. Although rugosa roses, a native shrub rose species, are believed to yield the best-tasting hips, all roses should produce them. Add a sweet, tasty flavor to your next cooking adventure with rose hips, you'll thank us later. 



Different ways to use rose hips in the kitchen on Thursd
Photo by The Spruce


Go on and give rose hips a try on your next floral bouquet, arrangement, or even in the kitchen! You'll actually be surprised at how this small round-shaped flower can impact any creation positively.




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