Chrysanthemum Barolo - A Valentine's Must

These dazzling red flowers are looking for a valentine on February 14th! Will it be you?

By: THURSD. | 01-02-2023 | 4 min read
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Did anyone order red mums for Valentine's Day? They're here and ready to get you thriving and vibing in the most loving season of the year. Chrysanthemum Barolo by Royal Van Zanten is your way to go if you're looking for a dose of a beautiful red shade and express your sincerest love. Get Valentine's ready with Chrysanthemum Barolo!

Chrysanthemum Barolo - Your New Valentine’s Favorite

Chrysanthemums for Valentine's Day? It's an absolute and utter YES! These perfectly-shaped blooms are your option if you want to surprise your loved ones with different flowers that are not roses. Why go with the traditional if you can skip the ordinary and immerse yourself in a Valentine's Day mum mood? Chrysanthemum Barolo is ready to be taken to your most romantic date and make the most out of this loving celebration. Here are some reasons why this flower makes the perfect fit for February 14th.


Chrysanthemum barolo your new valentines day favorite


In Need of Flowers for V-Day? Chrysanthemum Barolo It Is

Mums for celebrations are always a good idea no matter what, and Valentine's is no exception since they shine even more. Particularly Chrysanthemum Barolo by Royal Van Zanten has everything it takes to beam and sparkle on the most loving holiday of the year.




The deep, warm red color of this spray chrysanthemum makes it ideal for sentimental bouquets. If you get lucky enough to see a bouquet filled with red mums, your eyes will be seeing floral heaven, literally.


Beautiful red Chrysanthemum barolo for a loving vday celebration


A Center of Bright Green and Warm Red

Spray chrysanthemums are lovely in all colors, but red is a particular favorite around Valentine's Day. A real eye-catcher in Valentine's Day bouquets is the warm-red barolo chrysanthemum. This bloom has a striking, vibrant green center that draws the eye.




This spray chrysanthemum is incredibly resilient, and best of all, you can anticipate a two-week vase life without a single petal drooping. The longer your Chrysanthemum Barolo last, the longer the love you'll feel!

The Perfect Pick for a Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Still don't have a clear idea as to what flowers you want to give your loved one on Valentine's Day? Royal Van Zanten has got a perfect idea: a bouquet full of red barolo mums. Why? It's simple.


The perfect vday gift with chrysanthemum barolo


They will leave your partner, friends, or even yourself speechless when you encounter a full-on bouquet of these beauties. When picking your next bouquet for V-day, just remember chrysanthemums can never, ever go wrong.


Chrysanthemum barolo bouquet for vday


Mixing and Matching With Other Flowers as Well

Red, although is the universal color for Valentine's Day and is seen in almost every decor and flower gift, is not the only color that can make a statement. Pink is also a great alternative to mix with red flowers. In this case, if you want to go the extra mile and really surprise with a spectacular bouquet, you can mix Chrysanthemum Barolo with pink roses and you'll have the formula for perfection.


Mixing and matching with Chrysanthemum barolo


Valentine's Day bouquets that are unexpectedly pink are permitted to make a statement, but picking just red flowers makes the point very apparent. But there are instances when being a little more subdued (or startling) is also effective. Barolo could also be paired with delicate pastels. For instance, this warm red spray chrysanthemum looks surprisingly lovely in a bouquet of light pink roses. The fresh green center in barolo mums truly stands out when a light green accent color, such as snowball or dill, is added.


The incredible look of arrangements using Chrysanthemum barolo


Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Barolo Mums


Chrysanthemum barolo red for vday


More About Royal Van Zanten

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